Russian jet skims a few meters above highway, then crashes: video

A Russian fighter jet ended up paying for its pilot’s boldness, crashing after low flights that passed too close to electrical wires.

The plane in question, the Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot model, has been Russia’s main ground attack model in the Ukraine Invasion. In a video, which circulates on Internetit is possible to see two fighters of the model flying low and in close formation while they are above a highway, a few meters above the ground.

In the images, it is also possible to see that they are armed with unguided bombs and pods with rocket launchers. But what draws the most attention are the wires of the electrical network, of which the aircraft pass very close.

The images were taken in the region of Bolgorod, immediate border with Kharkiv, Ukraine, where some of the most intense battles of this war between the two nations take place. After the videos above emerged, other images later appeared in which the wreckage of a Su-25, with several parts on fire, is revealed, being possible to see a part of its engine.

Russian state media eventually confirmed that a Frogfoot plane crashed in the region, but “due to technical problems”, that the pilot ejected safely, and has now been rescued. Also according to the newspaper, the plane was on a training mission and was completely destroyed after impact with the ground, see the images.

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