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Samantha Schmütz comments on criticism made by Jennifer Aniston about the artistic classPlayback / Instagram

Published 06/14/2022 13:45 | Updated 06/14/2022 13:48

Rio – Samantha Schmütz commented on a criticism made by the star of “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston, about the current situation of the artistic class, which is being “invaded” by stars of Tik Tok, Youtube and Instagram. “The internet has really shaped a new culture about people becoming famous. This thing of people getting famous basically for doing nothing. It’s famous coming from TikTok, famous from YouTube, famous from Instagram… It’s almost like it’s watering down.” our work as an actor”, said the American actress.

Aniston’s speech was shared through a publication of the Xuxa profile on Nave, on Instagram and the Brazilian actress took the opportunity to comment on the criticism. “If it was me talking, I’d take a dick,” she wrote.

Recently, Samantha was highly criticized for invalidating the artistic career of the champion of “BBB 21”, Juliette Freire, questioning if she could be considered an artist, in a publication on social networks. With all the repercussions of the case, the actress ended up portraying herself with the singer for the malicious comment.

“There’s a lot of confusion these days our industry, our profession… Celebrity, famous, it’s all mixed up. I took my frustration out on Juliette. It’s very difficult to be an independent artist if you don’t have the machine helping you and strengthening you. artists are massacred, I see millions of friends having to give up, because there’s no help from the algorithm, the thing doesn’t move. So, this whole revolt exploded in that second and I said ‘What’s that? It’s not her problem, erase it’. blacked out [o comentário]it was in the air for forty seconds, but it was long enough,” he explained.

“Juliette uses her networks wonderfully, fighting for causes that are mine too. A person who has been in the media for a short time, but already helps Brazil ‘damn’. So, there’s no reason to make that comment that hurt her and to her fans. I’m really here to apologize, I’m super sad. So I hope you forgive me, Juliette, and Brazil also gives me this chance to learn. Thank you”, concluded.

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