Straw, mouth, disrespects players as he disrespected Telê – 06/18/2022

Palhinha was a great player. With 71 goals, he is present in the history of São Paulo, despite missing the penalty that cost the loss of the Libertadores tri in 94, against Vélez.

He was technical, skillful and killer. He would be the absolute starter of today’s team. Straw and ten more. He could have played in the ’94 Cup, but Parreira preferred Zinho and Mazinho, who were excellent.

Parreira thought that Palhinha, having appeared in football at the age of 26, would not have the personality to play in a World Cup. heck…

Straw talks a lot. Now, he is criticizing the players of the current team. It’s that tired speech of fans: there’s no shame in the face, there’s no honor to the shirt…

And more:

It is very easy to criticize Rogério, the board, but they are not playing. It’s the players who need to take a different path, stop with frills, shorts up, have to play ball, weight training, advertising, score a goal and show the ball, signal, that won’t solve anything, that doesn’t exist”.

You can’t even understand what “musculacaozinha” is.

Realize that he does not criticize the board, which has honored stars like him, in the Camarote dos Ídolos.

Let’s see if Palhinha backs up what he says. It wasn’t like that in 1996.

Let’s go to the “cause”.

São Paulo and Cruzeiro had made the famous exchange 5 x 2. Belletti and Serginho came to Morumbi, Vitor, Gilmar, Donizetti, Ailton and Palhinha went to Cruzeiro.

The two teams would face off.

I was in Minas to cover an Athletics GP and I went to Cruzeiro training. I interviewed Palhinha and he was very angry with Tele.

Among other things, he said:

1) If Telê shits on a plate, President Fernando Casal de Rey eats it and thinks it’s good.

2) Telê is a nosy old man, he was pissed off when I bought a car.

And other things I don’t remember.

There was nothing recorded. My editor said he took my word for it and published it in the unforgettable A Gazeta Esportiva.

Palhinha denied everything. Everything.

He even denied it to a radio reporter famous for denying everything newspaper reporters published.

The following week, Cruzeiro came to face São Paulo. Play at Pacaembu.

And there goes the reporter to interview Telê before the game.

– How is Palhinha, Telê? He denied the interview.

– You can deny it all you want. I know Palhinha and I know the reporter too. I know very well that it is true.

I was listening on the radio. Very scared. If Telê, national unanimity, criticized me, I would be very bad. When he spoke on my behalf, I cried.

Fernando Casal de Rey called me and said he trusted the story.

São Paulo is not playing well. But if the coach were Palhinha, would he improve with recommendations like: “little weight training (?), raised shorts, little sign, love the shirt, advertising”?

Palhinha has always been a poet with his feet.

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