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VAR became mandatory in Serie B of the Brazilian in 2022, but it stopped working in this Saturday’s classic. There was a problem with the equipment installed at the Aflitos stadium, and Náutico x Sport face off without the video referee.

Shortly before kickoff, members of both teams were called by the refereeing team, led by referee Wagner do Nascimento Magalhaes, to report the problem. The game started without delays.

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Referee informs members of Náutico and Sport that the game will take place without VAR — Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

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Initially, there was a forecast of counting on VAR in a partial way, according to the delegate of the match, Burégio Junior. Shortly after, however, the chairman of the Refereeing Commission, Erich Bandeira, decided not to use VAR – since, in the “partial format”, they could not recover the images of the bids.

The VAR problem happened on a device connected to the system. It had been turned on during this Saturday, but it stopped working when they started to sync the cameras.

VAR booth at Náutico x Sport, which takes place without a video referee — Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

After the start of the match, the Brazilian Football Confederation issued an official note to position itself on the problem.

– We inform you that, due to the non-availability of VAR technology by the Sports Hub company due to technical problemsthe match between Náutico/PE X Sport/PE, valid for the 13th round of the “B” series, will be held without the use of technology, and therefore without the action of the video assistant referee.

CBF’s position on the lack of VAR in Náutico x Sport — Photo: Reproduction / CBF

Refereeing commentator Fernanda Colombo explains that the refereeing team followed the protocol determined in the event of VAR not working.

“If you don’t have VAR, the game goes the same way. If it comes back or there’s some other indication that the system is going to be up, the players will be informed. That’s really the protocol.”

Náutico x Sport for Serie B — Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

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