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The world’s nuclear arsenal is expected to increase in the next decade for the first time since the Cold War, according to the annual publication of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Projection goes against the process of dismantling atomic bombs that has taken place in the world until then.

The professor of the international relations course at Facamp James Onnig believes that we face a nuclear threat: “Countries with a nuclear arsenal are exposed to accidents with catastrophic consequences. Unfortunately, this creates a very dangerous threat that could trigger a general distrust of humanity, with the discrediting of organisms of the international system, which would have many consequences.”

The expert points out that the systematic production of nuclear weapons by North Korea, as well as the non-visible promotion of the reduction of warheads by the United States and Russia, encourage the increase of the presence of this type of weapon in the world. The two countries together possess more than 90% of the entire arsenal of this type of weapon in the world, according to SIPRI.

The Institute also points out that the nine countries with nuclear power (United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea) continue to modernize their bombs.

“Of the estimated total stockpile of 12,705 warheads in early 2022, around 9,440 were in military stockpiles for potential use. Of these, an estimated 3,732 were deployed on missiles and aircraft, and around 2,000 – almost all belonging to Russia or the US – were kept on high operational alert.

World Nuclear Forces – January 2022


Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the country’s army to put nuclear forces on alert on the fourth day of the military invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24. The announcement worried the world in the face of the threat of nuclear war. “Putin made this statement to prevent any country from interfering in his offensive,” explains Onnig.

“As long as the West does not enter the conflict, I think that threat is averted. However, sanctions and blockades against Russia can instigate a great power to give terrible answers”, he ponders.

The Russian leader’s strategic move made several countries focus their attention on rebuilding a preventive arsenal.

Onnig also points to the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons, which are not intended to destroy large areas, but rather to cause damage that paralyzes the enemy, such as attacking a strategic region.

North Korea

On Monday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the country would respond “quickly” if North Korea conducts nuclear tests. This year alone, the North Koreans have carried out a record number of missile tests, with 18 exercises in 23 weeks.

“North Korea uses its nuclear arsenal to protect its communist regime, to ensure that there are no foreign interventions. While the US is committed to protecting the Asian region, the North Koreans have already developed long-range missiles, which puts the US role at risk”, concludes Onnig.

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