Zendaya responds to rumors that she is pregnant with Tom Holland

Zendaya countered a pregnancy rumor on social media

Zendaya reacted to rumors that she is expecting a child on her Instagram Wednesday, commenting that gossip like this is the reason she doesn’t use Twitter. The comment comes after fan-created clips featuring a fake ultrasound began to go viral throughout the week. “See now, this is why I stay off Twitter,” she told fans in the post. “Just making things up for no reason… weekly.”

“Anyway, back to filming,” she said, referring to work on the upcoming film by Luca Guadagnino“Challengers!”. Zendaya and his Spider-Man co-star, Tom Hollandhave been in a relationship since 2021. She recently took to Instagram to share a photo with the actor in honor of his birthday.

Zendaya responds sharply after rumors that she is pregnant with Tom Holland go viral;  check out!  - Hugo Gloss
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“Happy birthday to whoever makes me the happiest Lil Nas X commented on Twitter that he was preparing to send them a direct message with a congratulatory text.

“I hate this platform because I’m sitting here congratulating zendaya via dm on a baby that doesn’t exist,” tweeted Nas. Despite not expecting it, Holland admitted to People during an interview in December that he “can’t wait to be a dad,” adding, “I love kids.” “Challengers” is set to be released on August 11, 2023. The film is a romantic sports drama centered on a tennis player.

In related news, Zendaya explained why she could never be a pop star. Variety organized a one-on-one interview between Andrew Garfield and the Spider-Man star, where she admitted she purposely chose to shift her main focus to her acting career because it offered “a level of anonymity” that the song doesn’t allow. “I was talking to [o criador de Euphoria, Sam Levinson] about it earlier. I was like, I don’t know if I could be a pop star.” Zendaya.

Check out the post below twitter and the screenshots on Instagram:


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