A R$1 coin from the Rio Olympics can be worth up to R$9,000; you have?

The 2016 Olympic Games are long gone, after all, it’s been six years since they took place, but even so, the memories of the competitions are still present. This is especially because it is not always that Brazil sees games of this size and that move people from all over the world.

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Although we also hosted the 2014 World Cup, these events do not take place here very often. We can verify this when remembering that the last Cup here was the 1950 World Cup. It was 64 years apart.

As a result of this wait, not only the population but the country as a whole moved towards the event that, by the way, immortalized moments in the popular imagination. We can refer, for example, to the first gold medal of the Olympic team, which won the only award that was missing in the hall of awards from Brazil.

Driven by the crowd, the athletes achieved the best position in the country’s history in the Olympic medal table. The popular commotion was enormous. A basic example of this was when Brazilians, who were watching a boxing match between two foreign fighters where the referee was Brazilian, applauded as if they were an athlete with a crowd every time the guy intervened in the fight.

The games were immortalized not only for the population, but also for the country’s authorities, as they started to produce a huge amount of coins. commemorative.

Many people do not even want to imagine that a simple commemorative coin in reference to the Olympic Games could be worth an incredible R$ 9 thousand and only six years after its creation.

This is a very rare phenomenon, but the fact is that many Brazilians are discovering that they can earn a note with this appreciation of rare items that are so coveted by collectors.

A good portion of the population had access to coins of this type, that is, many are still in possession of some that are rare.

The less popular the coin, the more it will be worth. And on this subject, it is worth mentioning that there are very few of just R$1 that have this value very different from that printed on the material.

The item in question is a commemorative coin like any other of the thousands that were printed in celebration of the event, but what’s at issue here is that the units are limited, which makes them highly sought after by collectors.

The coin is commemorative and represents the ritual of ticket from the Olympic torch from the country that hosted the games previously to the next.

The coin bears the image of the Brazilian mascot, a yellow cat called Vinícius, who holds the torch and passes responsibility for the Rio 2016 games to Tokyo 2020.

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