Amber Heard caught shopping at TJ Maxx, $8.3 million loom

amber ear Facing a harsh and still expensive reality Johnny Depp Judgment – ​​which means she could be in trouble for millions… so it’s no surprise she’s looking to settle.

Watch this video, obtained by TMZ, which shows AH shopping at TJ Maxx in Bridgehampton, New York on Thursday afternoon – where she was accompanied by her sister, Whitney Henriquezwho testified on his behalf and whose length was recently scored.

We were told that Amber and Whitney were examining racks of clothes, and at one point he overheard them discussing white linen pants. Looks like the sisters basket is full of potential purchases. You see, when she noticed the cameras rolling, Amber screamed.

No word on what, if any, they ended up leaving the shop for – but it’s interesting to find Amber here after all this… especially given the financial issue.

As we well know by now, Amber’s lawyers declared that she could not pay the $8.3 million in damages that the jury awarded Johnny… It remains to be seen whether Depp and his co-workers are. She, in fact, will apply it. Her lawyers indicated that maybe not.

However, the fact that Amber has been practicing journalism lately and trying to provide evidence, she says, proves that her case probably doesn’t line up with JD’s… not to mention the fact that she keeps threatening to appeal. Time will tell if he pulled the trigger and caught it.

Either way, it’s a dangerous time in Amber’s life – not only might she be forced to pay money she doesn’t have, but she also risks losing a lot of work down the road.

Truth is, it hasn’t been booked recently. While Amber pointed out that this is because she has a daughter in her life now… It’s also possible/likely that no one is calling her phone to represent shows. I actually got paid for ‘Aquaman 2’, and it was only a few million.

So when the going gets tough, he bumps into TJ Maxx. Nothing wrong with that, right?

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