American company offers BRL 10,200 to anyone who spends 30 days with 100 cockroaches at home

An unusual situation has reverberated among internet users. A US pest control company is offering $2,000 (BRL 10.2 thousandat the current price) for residents willing to participate in an experiment consisting of spend 30 days with 100 cockroaches at home.

According to the UOL portal, in all, they are looking for five to seven American owners willing to face the mission.

Although the offer is only valid for property owners in the United States or tenants who prove the owner’s authorization, the proposal has awakened the imagination of internet users about living with pests for so long. After all, would you be willing to live with so many insects of this type for a month?

During the 30 days, the company will test products in development to eliminate cockroaches. According to North Carolina-based company Pest Informer, all treatments are safe for families and pets. If the tests are not successful, traditional measures to kill the insects will be used.

Applications to participate in the program are open until July 31.

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