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Dramas, thrillers, thrillers, fantasies and romances make up a golden selection to celebrate the date.

This Sunday, June 19, we celebrate the Brazilian Film Day. The date was chosen in reference to the first images recorded on national soil, taken by Afonso Segreto, who had just returned from Europe, where he took a course in cinematography operation. The scenes were made in 1898, during the entry of the Italian-Brazilian into Guanabara Bay, in Rio de Janeiro.

To celebrate the date, the I love cinema made a selection of national features in addition to comedy, the most popular genre in the country, to get away from the obvious. Among novels, dramas, thrillers and thrillers, the films feature the work of directors such as Anna Muylaert, José Mojica Marins, Kleber Mendonça, Aly Muritiba, Déo Cardoso, among others.

Interestingly, Brazilian cinema is also celebrated on November 5, a date that commemorates the first public exhibition of cinema in the country. Below, check out 13 national films in addition to comedy to get to know the country better:

Today I want to go back alone | Netflix

Leonardo (Ghilherme Lobo), a blind teenager, tries to deal with his overprotective mother while seeking his independence. When Gabriel (Fabio Audi) arrives in the city, new feelings begin to emerge in Leonardo, causing him to discover more about himself and his sexuality.

Private Desert | HBO Max

In Private Desert, Daniel is an exemplary police officer, but ends up making a mistake that jeopardizes his career and his honor. When nothing else seems to keep him in Curitiba, he leaves in search of Sara, a woman with whom he has a virtual relationship. He then plunges into an intense internal process to learn how to better deal with his own affections.

stomach | Netflix

Raimundo Nonato (João Miguel) went to the big city hoping to have a better life. Hired as a janitor at a bar, he soon discovers that he has a natural talent for the kitchen. With his drumsticks, Raimundo transforms the bar into a success.

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Giovanni (Carlo Briani), the owner of a well-known Italian restaurant in the region, hires him as a cook’s assistant. Italian cuisine is a great discovery for Raimundo, who also starts to have a house, better clothes, social relationships and a love: the prostitute Iria (Fabiula Nascimento).

2 Rabbits | telecine

After being involved in a serious car accident, in which a woman and her son are killed, Edgar (Fernando Alves Pinto) is indicted, but manages to escape prison thanks to the influence of a state deputy. Soon after, he leaves for a season in Miami, where he returns with an elaborate plan in which he intends to target both the deputy who helped him, a symbol of political corruption, and Maicon (Marat Descartes), a criminal who manages to escape justice thanks to bribery. of influential politicians.

Good Manners | Netflix

Ana (Marjorie Estiano) hires Clara (Isabél Zuaa), a lonely nurse living on the outskirts of São Paulo, to babysit her unborn child. As the pregnancy progresses, Ana begins to show increasingly strange behaviors and sinister nocturnal habits that directly affect Clara.

The Sound Around | Netflix

The presence of a militia on a middle-class street in the south of Recife changes the lives of local residents. While some celebrate the tranquility brought by private security, others go through moments of extreme tension. At the same time, married and mother of two, Bia (Maeve Jinkings) tries to find a way to deal with her neighbor’s noisy dog.

At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul | Prime Video

The sadistic and cruel gravedigger Zé do Caixão (Jose Mojica Marins) intends to generate a perfect son to continue his bloodline. But his wife can’t get pregnant and he ends up raping his best friend’s wife. The girl raped by the gravedigger wants to commit suicide, to return from the world of the dead and take the soul of Zé do Caixão.

Cine Holliúdy | telecine

Cine Holliúdy takes place in the countryside of Ceará, in the 1970s. The popularization of TV allowed the city’s inhabitants to enjoy a hitherto unknown asset. However, television has driven people away from movie theaters. That’s where Francisgleydisson (Edmilson Filho) comes into play. He is the owner of Cine Holiúdy, a small movie theater in the city that will have the difficult mission of staying alive as an entertainment option.

The Spider Woman’s Kiss | telecine

In a prison in South America, two prisoners share the same cell. One is a homosexual and is in prison for immoral behavior and the other is a political prisoner. The first, to escape the sad reality that surrounds him, invents films full of mystery and romance, but the other tries to remain as politicized as possible in relation to the moment he lives. But this coexistence makes the two men understand and respect each other.

Coffee with Cinnamon | Prime Video

After losing her son, Margarida (Valdinéia Soriano) lives isolated from society. She separates from her husband Paulo and loses contact with friends and close people. One day, Violeta (Aline Brune) knocks on her door. She is a former student of Margarida’s, who takes on the mission of giving back a little light to that person who had been important to her in her youth.

Lower City | telecine

Deco (Lázaro Ramos) and Naldinho (Wagner Moura) have known each other since they were young, making it difficult to even talk about one without remembering the other. They make a living doing freight and running small scams aboard the Dany Boy, a steamboat they jointly purchased. One day, Karinna (Alice Braga) appears, a stripper who wants to get a wealthy gringo at Salvador’s carnival, to whom the duo gives a ride.

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After unloading in Cachoeira, Deco and Naldinho go to a cockfight. Naldinho bets the money earned from the shipping, but gets into trouble and ends up getting stabbed. Deco defends his friend and attacks the aggressor, but the two are forced to flee on the boat, heading to Salvador. While Naldinho recovers, Deco tries to get money to help his friend. Upon arriving in Salvador, the duo meets Karinna, who is now working in a nightclub. Gradually, the attraction between them grows, creating the possibility that they will lead a life together.

There’s Only One Mother | Apple TV

Pierre discovers that his family is not biological when the police arrest his mother. Confused, he goes after his real relatives, who know him as Felipe, and the new reality makes the boy finally find his real identity.

Nego Head | telecine

In Cabeça de Nêgo, after reacting to an insult in the classroom, Saulo (Lucas Limeira) is expelled from school, refusing to leave the institution’s premises. In his occupation, he uses social media to express all his displeasure with the school’s management, exposing the abandonment and loneliness suffered by himself and other students, starting a true student movement.

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