Cinemas in SP have 11 premieres, in a week full of options for Valentine’s Day – 06/08/2022 – Cinema

This Thursday, the 9th, more than a dozen new films hit theaters. More specifically, 11 launches, which increase the list of options on Valentine’s Day and that, despite being smaller in the Hollywood scale, have their shine, whether on the national or international scene.

This is the case of the new film by Aly Muritiba, celebrated by “Deserto Particular”, which premieres “Jesus Kid”, a film adapted from the homonymous novel by Lourenço Mutarelli (from “O Cheiro do Ralo”, “Natimorto”, among others) and which has been in production for years.

In it, Paulo Miklos is a decadent writer who is hired to write a movie script while he remains locked up in a hotel. His successful character, the gunslinger Jesus Kid —played by the pumped-up Sérgio Marone—, however, leaves the pages of his old books and begins to invade reality.

Speaking of pumps, Liam Neeson is another star returning to theaters, for the umpteenth time this year, as a professional killer. But in “Assassin Without a Trace”, the seventy will have to deal with a roamboles plot of action while suffering from the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Megan Fox, the sensual actress of “Transformers” and “Girl from Hell”, returns to the big screen in “Until Death” as a woman trying to survive two thieves who invade the retreat where she was with her husband. Naomi Watts, in turn, also stars in a new feature, in which she plays a mother who has her child taken hostage by a criminal at school in “The Hour of Despair”.

“While I Live”, at the forefront of European cinema, features Catherine Deneuve and Benoît Magimel in a film directed by Emanuelle Bercot, about a mother who has to take care of a child who suffers prematurely from an irreversible disease. Another highlight is “Ilusões Perdidas”, a new adaptation of the famous novel by Honoré de Balzac.

The Brazilian premieres also include “Espero que Esta Te Encontro e que Estajas Bem” and “Escrita Íntima”, among others. Check out this week’s premieres below.

Based on a true story, this frenetic production of Brazilian action portrays an incorruptible police officer in Ceilândia, in the Federal District, played by Sérgio Menezes, who will have to shoot a lot to protect his life after colleagues involved with drug trafficking decide to erase him from the map.

Brazil, 2022. Direction: Edu Felistoque and Erik de Castro. With: Sergio Menezes, Alexandre Barillari, Adriana Lessa. 16 years

killer without a trace
Liam Neeson, who turned 70 this week, stars in yet another action movie. This time, his character has a particularity – he may be suffering from Alzheimer’s, as well as his brother, who already lives in an advanced stage of the disease. The fact is that his character is a killer targeted by the FBI who, when refusing a job for a criminal organization, will have to go after whoever hired him. The plot is an adaptation of the 2003 movie “Alzheimer Case”.

USA, 2022. Directed by: Martin Campbell. With: Liam Neeson, Monica Bellucci, Guy Pearce. 16 years
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Till Death – Survival Is the Best Revenge
Megan Fox, from “Transformers” and “Girl from Hell”, now lives a woman who, after cheating on her husband, decides to give him another chance. Behold, they go to a cozy retreat, but the couple ends up handcuffed together by a pair of criminals. The man ends up killing himself, and she will have to take revenge on the bandits like in a “Home Alone”, but more violent.

USA, 2021. Direction: SK Dale. Starring: Megan Fox, Eoin Macken, Callan Mulvey. 16 years
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very Brazilian
The national passion for soap operas is investigated in this documentary, which interviews key names in the genre — such as Lima Duarte and Glória Perez, passing through Susana Vieira, Silvio de Abreu and other names at Globo.

Brazil, 2022. Direction: André Bushatsky. 12 years

One Day Forever!
“My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “The Weather Spell” are merged in this German romantic comedy, in which a young woman tries to stop an old friend from marrying her arch-rival. Everything goes wrong — and then the day goes on endlessly, as in the comedy with Bill Murray. To break this loop and achieve her plan, however, the protagonist will have to learn something definitive.

Germany, 2020. Director: Maggie Peren. Starring: Edin Hasanovic, Alicia von Rittberg, Samuel Schneider. 12 years

while I live
Award-winning actress Emanuelle Bercot directs this drama with one of the ladies of French cinema, Catherine Deneuve, and award-winning Benoît Magimel. The actors live mother and son – he with an irreversible disease, she desperate with too great suffering. From this difficult journey, they will learn a painful lesson.

Belgium/France, 2021. Direction: Emmanuelle Bercot. With: Benoît Magimel, Catherine Deneuve, Gabriel Sara. 14 years

intimate writing
Through the trail of letters, paintings and photographs, the film shows the real story of the artist couple Maria Helena Vieira da Silva and Árpád Szenes, who went into exile in Rio de Janeiro, fleeing the Second World War. There are interviews with family members, researchers, as well as landscapes of the capital of Rio de Janeiro and Portugal.

Brazil/Portugal, 2017. Direction: João Mário Grilo. 12 years

I hope it finds you and that you are well
Natara Ney’s documentary starts from a curious premise: from 180 love letters found at an antiques fair, she tries to recover the memory and existence of two lovers who corresponded between 1952 and 1953, she in Campo Grande, he in Rio de Janeiro. Almost 70 years later, will it be possible to find living traces of this history?

Brazil, 2020. Direction: Natara Ney. Free

The Hour of Despair
Naomi Watts plays a mother who, stressed out by her teenage son’s life and problems, decides to take a day off. As she ventures into the woods, however, she notices a strange movement towards her town. That’s when she discovers that a gunman has entered a school and is holding five people hostage — her son among them.

Canada/USA, 2021. Director: Phillip Noyce. Starring: Naomi Watts, Colton Gobbo, Michelle Johnston. 14 years

lost illusions
This new adaptation of Balzac’s famous novel, written in the mid-19th century, follows the story of Lucien, a young poet who leaves his country life to try his luck in Paris — but not everything is a show in the French capital and there are many difficulties. for an ordinary person to triumph. Of course, references to contemporary French politics are not lacking in this classic plot.

France, 2021. Directed by: Xavier Giannoli. With: Benjamin Voisin, Cécile de France, Vincent Lacoste. 12 years

Jesus Kid
Based on a novel by Lourenço Mutarelli, the film portrays actor Paulo Miklos as a fast-reading western writer who has to be stuck in a hotel while writing a movie script. But, little by little, his hatred for that environment is mixed with a creative crisis and his own decadent character, the gunslinger Jesus Kid.

Brazil, 2019. Direction: Aly Muritiba. With: Paulo Miklos, Sérgio Marone, Maureen Miranda. 14 years
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