Family hasn’t used toilet paper for 4 years and replaced it with reusable pieces of cloth

In the first weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, the article disappeared from supermarket shelves in several countries. we are talking about toilet paper, an item considered essential for many families, no? Except for the Allens. Four years ago, they gave up on wiping themselves with toilet paper..

the idea is help with the budget family, from Ontario (Canada), with five members (mother, father and three children), and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. But how do the Allens do intimate hygiene? They use fabric scraps. Yea, pieces of cloth, which are washed and reused. Just like parents used to do with diapers back in the day. In fact, as the Allens do, since they didn’t adopt disposable diapers with their last child.

Amber, the mother, says they started using baby wipes because of cost/benefit and because “they didn’t have any more money for toilet paper”. She and her husband were still heavily in debt with college tuition. Then, they decided to radicalize in the economy and leave for the patchwork.

“I was literally throwing my money down the toilet”she commented, according to “Sun”.

Amber shows the toilet paper substitute Photo: Reproduction

With debts cleared, the Allens bought toilet paper again, but in much smaller quantities: only for “special” occasions and for the “luxury” of guests at their residence.

In social networks, the family gives tips on savings, such as the cloth to clean, and sustainable lifestyle, which includes producing the food they consume. To that end, the Allens moved in April to a cheaper area in rural Ontario. There, they have a vegetable garden and a small farm.

For those who want to adhere to the cleaning strategy, Amber gives a tip: use more durable fabrics, such as baby blankets, which are usually made of flannel or similar material. Some of them she buys used.

Amber with a daughter in the home garden in Ontario
Amber with a daughter in the home garden, in Ontario Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

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