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Many people have already started checking their cell phone’s weather widgets and apps to check the temperature for the next few days. After all, we are close to the arrival of winter and the trend is for temperatures to drop in the next few days.

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After the last cold wave that hit the country, residents are paying attention to weather forecast apps. It is necessary to prepare for a sudden drop in the thermal sensation and in the temperature itself. In fact, climate software is increasingly accurate and reliable. Learn how to use these useful resources.

Procedure for checking the weather forecast on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can consult the weather forecast whenever you want through the “Weather” app. Based on your location data, the tool informs you of the current climate forecast and for the next few days.

If there are differences in location, just access “Settings” and then tap on “Privacy”. Go to “Location Services” and finally tap on the “Weather” option. See how the settings are and, if necessary, activate the “Precise Location” function on your iPhone.

You can also add the weather widget to your device’s home screen. Press the screen and select the “+” button to access the widgets. Find the “Weather” tool, add it and tap “Ok”.

Learn how to check the weather forecast on Android

First, know that Android’s features are very similar to iPhone’s. On most devices, the weather forecast is already displayed on the home screen. Just tap on it to access the details by hour and day of the week.

If your location is not suitable, go to your device settings, tap on “Location” and leave the option enabled.

Finally, if the weather widget is not activated on the home screen, just long press the display and tap “Widgets”. Choose the “Weather” tool and confirm on the “Add” button.

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