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Brazilian Guilherme Costa won the bronze medal in the 400m freestyle at the World Aquatics Championships, which is being held in Budapest, Hungary. He, who passed to the final with the third time, became the first athlete in the history of the country to go to the podium in this competition. His time was 3min43s31, beating the South American record of the race. Australian Elijah Winnington won gold (3m41s22) and silver went to German Lukas Martens (3m42s85)

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– I hit the test, I knew I had to grow a lot in the end. It was always my characteristic to grow in the end and I managed to do that – said Guilherme Costa.

The Brazilian’s first hundred meters were contained, passing in sixth place, with 54s24. In the middle of the race, after 200m, Guilherme was in seventh place, but with everything in a mess, less than a second behind the third place. In the 300 meters he was still sixth and started to accelerate, moving to the last fifty meters in fifth. His last 50 meters were the fastest of all the finalists, which was enough to move him up to third place.

Guilherme Costa on the podium of the 400m freestyle at the World Cup — Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Guilherme is 23 years old, was an Olympic finalist in Tokyo in the 800m and, in the same competition, he had been 11th in the 400m freestyle. In this Saturday’s race, he left a little behind, alternating between fifth and sixth places in the first half, but accelerated a lot in the end, leaving behind the Austrian Felix Auboeck and the Italian Marco de Tulio.

Medalist in the last three editions of the Swimming World Championship, Nicholas Santos went to the final of the 50m butterfly with the eighth time, recording 23.07. He, who is 42 years old, will seek the podium in the decision this Sunday. The best time was by British Ben Proud, with 22.76, three hundredths ahead of Italian Thomas Checcon, who made the second time.

– Goal was to go to the final, I expected to swim for 22 seconds, let’s see what we can do tomorrow. There are swimmers there who are 20 years younger than me, they are super fast, let’s see what I can get at 42 years old. My best time is 22.60, so let’s see what we do tomorrow – said the swimmer.

The women’s 4x100m relay was in sixth place, with a time of 3:38.10, the best position in the history of a women’s relay at World Cups. The team was formed by Ana Vieira, Stephanie Balduccini, Giovanna Diamante and Giovana Medeiros. The gold went to Australia (3m30s95), followed by Canada (3m32s15) and the USA (3m32s58).

Brazil’s 4x100m relay came in seventh. The quartet formed by Gabriel Santos, Marcelo Chierighini, Felipe Ribeiro and Vinicius Assumpção finished with a time of 3:12.21, a better time than the one achieved in the qualifiers. The gold went to the American team, with 3:09.39, followed by Australia and Italy.

– Improving the time of the qualifiers is a very good quality, we sat down, we knew that each one could swim better, and then we lowered a second. Shows an evolution. We have to be in the best of life to fight for a medal – said Chierighini, in the selection for ten years.

In the 100m butterfly, Giovanna Diamante was in tenth place in the semifinals, just three hundredths from a spot in the final of the race. The Brazilian swam to 57s94, while the eighth place was the Egyptian Farida Osman, with 57s91. The best time was taken by Torri Huske, from the USA, with 56.29.

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