How to Block Ads on YouTube | Settings and report

Google allows block ads on youtube by accessing your Google account privacy settings. Thus, it is possible to customize which types of advertisements can be displayed before, during or after a video.

If you prefer, you can still stop personalizing commercials, as well as reporting inappropriate ads. Here’s how to block ads on YouTube and how to report inappropriate content in video ads.

How to block ads on YouTube videos

First, it is important to highlight the difference between blocking and disabling ads on YouTube. At the moment, the only way to opt out of ads on the service is to be a YouTube Premium subscriber, as the paid version of the site does not show advertisements.

Blocking ads on YouTube, on the other hand, will not stop commercials on the platform’s videos, but will prevent the display of advertisements that are not based on your interests.

Having said all that, now yes, learn how to block ads on YouTube. For better viewing, we recommend accessing the settings site via the browser on a PC.

Block all ads

  1. Go to the page “” (without quotes) and log in to your Google account;
  2. Uncheck the “Ad personalization is ON” switch;
  3. Confirm the action in “Disable”.
YouTube has an option to block ad customization (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho)

Block specific ads

  1. Open the page “”;
  2. In the “How your ads are personalized” section, click on a category;
  3. Click “Disable”;
  4. For age and gender categories, click “Update” to change the data. These changes are valid for all services in your Google account.
You can also block specific ads on YouTube (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho)

You can block ads in all categories on the page. If you want to return with the commercials of the blocked category, just scroll to the bottom and manage the interests in “What you turned off”.

Block sensitive categories

You can decrease the display of ads related to alcohol, dating sites, gambling, pregnancy and weight loss.

  1. Open the page “” (without quotes);
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of “Sensitive YouTube Ad Categories”;
  3. In one of the available categories, click on “See less”;
  4. Click “Continue”.
Ads with sensitive topics, such as alcoholic beverages and gambling, may be blocked (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho)

How to block inappropriate content on YouTube

Google also has its own tool to report ads that you consider inappropriate. Reportable ads are ads that sometimes appear on the right side of the video player, above suggested videos.

  1. Click on “Information” (icon with the letter “i”), above the suggested videos, on the right of the screen;
  2. Go to “Why this ad?”;
  3. Select “Report this ad”.

Another alternative provided by Google is a online form for more specific reports, such as deceptive, violent, abusive, nudity, or improper promotion content.

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