Itabirito: suspected of stealing in Praia is arrested by the PM in the Officials; 2 cell phones recovered

Weapon (simulacrum) seized and cell phones recovered by the PM, in Itabirito. Photo – 52nd Military Police Battalion

Article updated at 4:29 pm, on 6/18/2022, when the audio of the operational commander of the PM of Itabirito was added.

The Military Police (PM) arrested the suspect (27 years old) of a theft of two cell phones last night (17/6), in Itabirito (Central Region of Minas).

Around 9:30 pm, a woman (aged 56) and a teenager (aged 14) called the PM, reporting that they were approached by a man in the Praia neighborhood, who subtracted their cell phones, in possession of a firearm. They were at a bus stop, even one of the victims was beaten with a blow to the head.

After intense tracking, in possession of the author’s characteristics and with GPS data from the stolen devices, the military were successful in locating him in the Employees neighborhood. The suspect was taken into custody.

A witness even claimed to have visualized the action of the author, who would be in possession of a simulacrum of a weapon – airsoft type.

Listen, below, to audio from the operational commander of the Military Police in Itabirito, Lieutenant Veríssimo, through which he talks about the occurrence. After that, the story continues:
Lieutenant Verissimo. Photo – TV Top Cultura – Reproduction – 2018

In the vicinity of the republic where the suspect was housed, the military scanned and located a replica pistol and recovered the two stolen cell phones.

The suspect was taken to the Civil Police Station on duty.

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