LG DualUp monitor is almost square and was launched for $ 699

Format will allow better use of two windows on the screen

THE LG announced last Thursday, June 16th, the official launch of DualUp monitor. This device has a non-standard format in the screen market, using a 16:18 almost square ratio. The product is now available on the American website of LG and in other authorized sellers in the country for the price of US$ 699 (approximately R$ 3,578.88).

LG DualUp: two monitors on one screen

THE LG DualUp 16:18 aspect ratio allows users to keep two windows open to simulate the use of two monitors — 16:9 aspect ratio — positioned one above the other. This configuration optimizes the workspace and making the use of two monitors deliver usable space for three screens.

O LG DualUp monitor its target audience is the professional segment — whether editing videos, images, diagramming, social media or even the most bureaucratic work in Excel. The truth is that its use for work is immense (even journalists can benefit from the squarer format). Despite this, it is clear that nothing prevents you from using the DualUp to play something… Or to work and watch a sport on the “second screen”.

Credits: Disclosure/LG.

LG DualUp Display Specifications

O LG DualUp It has QuadHD resolution, 2,560 x 2,880 pixels and display with Nano IPS technology. O monitor measures 28 inches, has HDR 10 support, KVM technology, and DCI-P3 98% color gamut certification. Maximum brightness is 300 nits and refresh rate is 60 Hz

On the input side, there is a DisplayPort connector, two for HDMI, a USB-C connection, two USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 connection. The monitor also has two 7W speakers. It is possible to use the VESA mounting brackets, as well as the Ergo own LG.

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