Playing on Starlink: is Elon Musk’s satellite network good for gaming?

We experience Starlink performance in demanding performance scenarios

The guys from Mundo Conectado installed a Starlink and we took advantage of the fact that it had a network port “giving soup” and connected a cable to see how the “Elon Musk network” performs in some demanding tests, after all, we gamers are boring when the subject is internet connection.

Starlink official website

Starlink is the internet connectivity offered by SpaceX, an American company of aerospace systems, space transport and communications. The purpose of the service is to make the internet reach places that are currently inaccessible due to the lack of infrastructure to connect regions to the internet barebone.

If there is no physical structure, Starlink seeks to compensate for this deficiency through a SpaceX specialty: satellites. Today, there are 2,300 low-orbit satellites providing internet connectivity to 32 countries, including Brazil. This constellation of satellites – literally that’s the name of this type of arrangement, we’re not being corny – already has 12,000 units as a target and SpaceX is already looking to release another 30,000 units to further extend its range.

They communicate with consumer antennas operating on the KA frequency (between 26.5 GHz and 40 GHz), similar to the millimeter waves of 5G, which are the fastest frequencies on Earth today. In Brazil, 5G will use millimeter waves in the 26GHz band.

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And how does it work? A good way to see this in action is the website. In it you can see the structures used, from the position of the low-orbit satellites, the ground gateways that communicate with them and the points of presence, places where the signal that came from the consumer antennas, passed through the satellite, was sent to the gateways and sent to the points of presence finally connect with the “traditional” internet backbone.

In this video we show how the purchase is made, how much it costs, how it is installed, how it works and we also show Starlink’s performance.


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