“Santos took my son out of the house”, says mother of Matheus, a supporter of Santos with visual impairment | saints

A love story has been a routine in the stands of Vila Belmiro in all Santos games. Since the beginning of the Campeonato Paulista, a family has always sat in the same place, always with the same objective: to bring joy to 25-year-old Matheus from Santos.

Visually impaired, Matheus has had a love for Santos since he was a child. The difficulties to keep up with the heart club gave the boy a new passion: radio. Over time, his mother, Eliane, and father, Altamir, even became narrators. This is how the fan follows the Fish.

Parents even naturally put aside old passions to accompany their son. Tricolores, she is a São Paulo fan and he is a Fluminense fan, Eliane and Altamir now also support Santos. All for the joy of Matheus.

– Matheus was born blind. Everything I describe to him. For me this is normal. As the stadiums don’t have audio, I do that. What he can’t see is his eyes. People aren’t used to it, but it’s my routine. Since the Copinha game, we’ve been to every game. He always sits here, because it’s a strategic place that I can describe. We are always here. Santos game day is event day. For us, coming here is a satisfaction, because only his joy is contagious. He likes Santos a lot – said Eliane.

Matheus, a Santos fan, with his parents and cousins ​​in Vila Belmiro — Photo: Bruno Giufrida

Last Saturday, father, mother, son and cousins ​​went to Vila Belmiro to watch the Santos game against Bragantino. The result, of course, was not what was expected, but not even the 2-2 draw was able to take away Matheus’ joy of being close to what he loves so much.

– It is very good, I feel privileged to be here, I am grateful to Santos, very grateful to all of them. My cousins ​​from Rio de Janeiro are fans of Fluminense, but they’re taking a liking to Santos – said Matheus, who also made bold predictions for the games against Corinthians, in the Copa do Brasil.

– For sure, it beats Corinthians. The first leg will be difficult, 1 to 1. But on the return it will be 3 to 0 in Vila Belmiro – he added.

Matheus and his parents in Vila Belmiro — Photo: Bruno Giufrida

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For the mother, regardless of the result on the field, the biggest victory is being able to see her son Matheus leave home and live closer to what makes him happy. And only Santos was able to do that.

– It’s an emotion as a mother. Sometimes I even lose myself to talk. This, as I can say, is exciting. Santos took my son out of the house. Santos made my son do things he didn’t do, with years of therapy. It was Santos who took him out of the house. He only went out to see the doctor, to fulfill obligations. The Santos who made him leave.

– Since he was born, this passion has been his. I am from São Paulo and the father is from Fluminense, now we have become a little Santos for his son. We got a lot of affection for Santos, which is very important. We suffered with him. Everyone ends up suffering – he finished.

With Matheus and his parents in the crowd, Santos enters the field again on Wednesday, to face Corinthians, in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, at Neo Química Arena, at 21:30 (Brasília time). If the fan will settle the score, we will only know later.

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Supporter shows the boy Matheus her video on Sportv's broadcast

Supporter shows the boy Matheus her video on Sportv’s broadcast

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