See more about the internet challenge to find the bird in a photo

In this challenge, you must locate the love bird, also known as “lovebirds”. Can you find him? Perception tests are a lot of fun, but they aren’t always simple. Let’s see if you can finish this challenge without consulting the answer. Check out this article for more details about the challenge to find the bird.

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Challenge to find the love bird became a fever on the internet

The image circulating on the internet, from which the challenge emerged, consists of a place full of pink mangoes with a bird, known as the love bird. He camouflages himself in the middle of the image due to the similar tone of the animal with the colors of the fruit, which makes the challenge even more interesting.

While some people saw the bird right away, others had to stare for a while before they could identify the animal’s location in the image. The important thing in the end is to have fun and work your mind in a playful way. And you, can you find it quickly? See below the image of the challenge that has intrigued the internet and try to find the bird. A tip: sometimes where there is no shine, there is the answer.

Bird Challenge, Photo:
photo: reddit

Learn more about the love bird

Many people were interested in the origin of the small animal that was able to “hide” in the middle of the sleeves. In that sense, did you know that lovebird comes from a Greek word that can be translated to “love bird”? However, the term does not necessarily live up to its personality. According to experts, these birds are territorial, and conflicts between them and other species are quite common.

It is an African parrot that does not exceed 15 cm in length and has a life cycle similar to that of cockatiels, lasting an average of 13 years. Like other types of birds, this species is incapable of producing musical notes.

According to studies, there are three types of lovebirds in Brazil, each with its own set of characteristics. Although they are not very friendly, they are quite cute and won the hearts of netizens in the challenge found on the internet.

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