Step by step to remain anonymous on WhatsApp and remove your name

Unknown people can send you a message on WhatsApp and call you by name. This is because the information is available within the profile. However, there is a very simple way to remain anonymous on WhatsApp and prevent others from knowing your name.

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If you access the profile of any contact, including those who are not registered in the address book, you can read their name. So, if you want more privacy, find out how to hide your name on WhatsApp.

Learn how to be anonymous on WhatsApp and remove your profile name

While some people are looking for ways to spy on others, there are those who care about their privacy and want to remain anonymous on WhatsApp. In the digital world, keeping private life protected is challenging but necessary. In this sense, know that there are ways to protect your data within WhatsApp and even hide your name.

Unknown people can have your number, add it to their phone book and know your name. However, information that seems harmless is a tool for scammers and malicious people. So, learn how to hide your name on WhatsApp.

Follow the instructions and step by step to stay anonymous on WhatsApp

If you’re looking for anonymity within the most popular messenger on the planet, you’ve come to the right place. Just follow a few simple steps to hide the name on WhatsApp. This will make life difficult for people who are not there to do good things.

Step by step:

1 – The first thing to do is open Google and enter the code: Unicode U+2800;

2 – Then, click on the first search result;

3 – Now, do the following: copy the blank space.

4 – Paste what was copied in the ‘Edit’ space of your WhatsApp username;

5 – To finish the procedure you need to click on “save”.

Ready. From now on, no information will appear related to your name within the messaging app. That way, only your phone number will be visible for other users to see. However, if the person is a contact of yours, they will have information about your number.

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