Windows 11: How to make calls from PC

Like the previous version of the operating system, the Windows 11 allows you to link a smartphone with Android operating system to the computer. There’s even no need to connect the device with cables or the like, as there’s a specific application that tunes them without major complications.

In addition to facilitating file transfer, the tool allows you to mirror cell phone functions on the computer. If you want to have more autonomy in this field of connectivityhow about learning to perform computer calls using the tool?

See how to do that in the tutorial below!

1. Have the “Link to Mobile” application installed on your computer

If you haven’t already installed it, look for the application in the magnifying glass icon located on the taskbar.

(TecMundo/Reproduction)(TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

2. Activate Bluetooth on mobile and computer

On your computer, use the lower right corner to find Bluetooth and turn it on. On mobile, drag the screen down and look for the Bluetooth icon, then tap it to activate it.

(TecMundo/Reproduction)(TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

3. Open the app and look for the Calls tab

In the top menu, next to Messages, click Calls.

(TecMundo/Reproduction)(TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

4. Search contacts or manually dial

In the right corner, just like on the cell phone, a series of numbers will appear. Dial from there or, if you prefer, search for your contacts. At the end of the process, tap the green button to start the call.

(TecMundo/Reproduction)(TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

5. Talk normally when the call starts

We recommend that you use a headset so that the sound is better received, as well as the use of the microphone is more directed to your voice.

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