With confirmed reinforcement, Anderson Barros beats R$ 180 million in new athletes at Palmeiras

Palmeiras confirmed the arrival of another new reinforcement. Striker José Manuel López was signed from Lanús, from Argentina. 70% of the economic rights were acquired by Verdão for R$50.1 million.

Since arriving at Verdão, Anderson Barros, a football executive, has already spent R$ 180 million on new athletes. Remembering that Barros started his career at the Football Academy at the end of 2019 and his arrival was surrounded by distrust. Since then he has been Bi-Campeão Paulista, Bi-Campeão da Libertadores, Champion of the Copa do Brasil and Champion of the Recopa Sul-Americana.

Comparison with Alexandre Mattos

In an article published by UOL Esporte, Alexandre Mattos, a former football executive who worked between 2015 and 2019, spent R$390 million on reinforcements.

Barros, who is half the time Mattos stayed, saved nearly R$45 million. The work is considered excellent according to the numbers.

At the end of 2021, Leila Pereira took charge of Palmeiras and received a suggestion from the former board to keep Barros in power. The businesswoman accepted and kept him. And often she praises him.

Sudden drop in payroll

One of the heaviest debts of a football club is the salary of athletes. Altogether, Palmeiras currently spends around R$ 20 million a month. The value was higher, but Alviverde was able to reduce the figures by changing the profile of hiring.

Far from medallions and expensive athletes, the club currently hires younger athletes with resale power. Thus, salaries are minimized and can be enhanced according to meritocracy.

In addition to José Manuel López, Barros is looking for other names in the market. And he hopes not to spend too much.

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