Woman loses 25 thousand reais in scam after match on Tinder

Beautician Lidiane Pereira da Silva, 26, from Goiânia, believed that she had been in a relationship for two months with Eduardo Thomas, whom she met on Tinder, when she transferred 25 thousand reais to her then-boyfriend to invest in a business that, according to him, was Profit right: buy iPhones in the United States and resell in Brazil. “He convinced me that I was going to profit from 4 to 10 thousand reais. I saw him talk to the supplier and make the purchase next to me”, he says, in an interview with universe.

Lidiane, who had recently sold her car, passed 25 thousand reais to Eduardo. But when the braces never showed up, she realized there was a problem. She confronted her boyfriend, who started to avoid contact with her. So, the beautician decided to file a complaint with the police. When she sent him the report, she was blocked on social media and never got in touch again. Much less get your money back. She tells the whole story of the coup below:

“He started to make up my mind to invest my money”


“This story happened in mid-2021. We matched on Tinder and started talking. We talked for two weeks until we arranged to see each other for the first time. I was at a bar with a friend and he wouldn’t stop texting me. asked me out earlier, but I had declined.

That day, as I was calm, I invited him to go there. He didn’t have a car, so I went to pick him up at home. That’s when we saw each other in person for the first time.

We stayed late at the bar, drinking and talking. When I took him home, he asked me to stay, to sleep there. He said no, that we didn’t even know each other well. That day he told me he invested in iPhones. I even had friends who had bought cell phones from him.

We started to have a relationship. I spent the weekend at his house and he at mine. It was then that Eduardo started to make up my mind to get into investing with him.

He always told me to sell my car, because as he bought these devices abroad, if I invested around 25 thousand reais I could have a profit that would vary from 4 to 10 thousand reais.

I took the calculator and did the calculations in front of me, showing how much it was worth. Eduardo stated that he did not invest because he did not have the money, but that he had an amount to receive.

I didn’t have all that money in my account. And as my car was only costing me, I thought: ‘why not sell it to make an investment?’, after all, a car only costs money.

People thought I was with him just because he was handsome, but I was also interested in the business. After the sale of my vehicle, in September 2021, I transferred 25 thousand reais to him.

“After I made the transfer, we only saw each other twice more”

I was next to him, in his apartment, when Eduardo made the purchase and talked to the supplier. I was his girlfriend, I slept with him at his house. I heard him buying 15 iPhones 8 Plus. Now we had to wait 30 days for them to arrive so we could resell and make a profit. He even told me that he would give me the tracking code for the purchase the next day. I’ve never seen this code.

There was still about 20 thousand reais left from the sale of my car and he wanted to convince me to use all the money in this story. Even my mother he wanted to get involved in this. But I didn’t use all the money.

After I made the transfer, we only saw each other twice more. I spent the holiday with him and, the following week, when I asked if I should go there or if he would come to my house, Eduardo said that I didn’t need to travel, that he would meet me. But it was not. I realized he was winding me up.

It was already close to the date that the devices would arrive and until then I had not seen the tracking code.

I told him that if he didn’t let me know where the cell phones were, I would go to the police station to file a report. And that’s what I did: I went there and told my whole story.

As we had a relationship, my case went to the Women’s Police Station. They sent me to a psychologist and told me that I was a victim of psychological violence. They took my testimony and that of the witnesses.

He didn’t even care about the BO, but when an inquiry was opened and I put the story in a newspaper in my city, he contacted me asking me to withdraw the complaint, saying he would return my money.

He said he would pay me before the day came for me to testify. Even though I charged, nothing happened. The last time we spoke was before I walked into the deposition room. After that, he blocked me on all social media.

Scam artist goes unpunished

To this day he has not been summoned by the police. He has nothing in his name, not even a driver’s license. He didn’t even want to take the Covid-19 vaccine so he wouldn’t need to update his address in the government system.

The only way to follow him is through social networks, which are still active. He lived in a dorm for a while, and when I saw someone on Instagram who had tagged him in a photo, I got in touch and told him everything. I asked them not to expel him so I could go there with justice. But they threw him out the same night. Then I lost track of him again.

I even talked to some people who also fell for his scam and also filed a police report. His file with the police has records of cases of embezzlement. He even gave his brother a blow of 8 thousand reais. When I spoke to his mother on the phone, she didn’t even know where he lived. asked for me this information.

I had depression, anxiety and adjustment disorder, which is when something that happens in our lives shakes the emotional up a lot. I was out of work, it was horrible. It’s something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I even know of the case of a girl he stayed with once he tried to convince, with the same story, to withdraw the 20 thousand reais she had in her FGTS account to make this investment in iPhones. In my case, I have prints and audios with proof of everything. In an audio he sent me, he talked about putting the ’24 thousand reais to spin’.

He keeps posting on social media at fancy bars and splurging. I’m blocked, but I know people who follow him and know the story who send me screenshots. My greatest wish is that he doesn’t do well with these scams. He keeps making victims,” Lidiane Pereira da Silva, 26 years old, beautician, Goiânia (GO)

The report tried to find some means of communication with Eduardo Thomas, but was unable to contact him. The space is open if he wants to manifest.

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