10 books about real women on sale on Amazon; check out

In this month of June the amazon celebrates the 10 years of the Kindle, the company’s e-book reader. With that, the site has put amazing deals on several books for you to enjoy.

Between the Kindle ebooks on sale, in the Biographies section there is a diversity of readings about incredible women who made history in Brazil and around the world. In these books we can learn a little more about their stories, their work and the adversities they encountered during their lives.

We separate some of these books that are on sale and worth reading! Check out:

With a life filled with significant accomplishments, Michelle Obama established herself as one of the most iconic and captivating women of our time. As the first lady of the United States—the first African-American woman to hold that position—she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in history. At the same time, it has positioned itself as a powerful spokesperson for women and girls in the United States and around the world, dramatically changing the way families live their lives in search of a healthier, more active role model, and standing alongside of her husband during the years when Obama presided over the United States at some of the most harrowing moments in the country’s history.

In her memoir, a work of deep thought and an engaging narrative, Michelle Obama invites readers to explore her world, recounting the experiences that shaped her—from her childhood on Chicago’s South Side to her years as an executive trying to balance the demands of motherhood and work, with the period she spent at the most famous address in the world.

RACISM. ABUSE. RELEASE. Marguerite Ann Johnson’s life was marked by these three words. The black girl, raised in the south by her paternal grandmother, carried with her an enormous burden that was lightened only by literature and all that it could bring her: comfort through words. In this way, Maya, as she was affectionately called, writes to show her voice and free herself from the bars that have been placed in her life. Angelou’s painful memories and discoveries are contained and eternalized in the pages of this dense and necessary work, giving voice to young people who were once, like her, doomed to a hard and prejudiced life. With a poetic and powerful writing, the work touches, moves and deeply transforms the spirit and thought of those who read it.

Internationally acclaimed actress Viola Davis narrates in her biography, In Search of Me, everything she lived from a difficult childhood to stardom. In this biography you will meet a little girl named Viola, who was running from her past until she made the transformative decision to stop running forever.

From the first flying saucer to the last punch, Rita is consistent. Courageous. No guilt. So much so that, when reading the book, we often have the feeling of being in front of an unauthorized bio, such honesty in the stories. Childhood and the first steps in the artistic life; his arrest in 1976; the meeting of souls with Roberto de Carvalho; the birth of children, of classic songs and records; the setbacks and the glories.

Fernando Morais outlined the almost legendary figure of a woman who always carried the banner of generous ideals. Olga, the Jewish and communist woman, who was the companion of Luís Carlos Prestes and ended up murdered in the Nazi camps.

This book gives us a glimpse into Hilda Hilst’s personality and life. It traces an overview of the birth and history of his family in Jaú, in the interior of São Paulo, until his death at Casa do Sol, in a series of fascinating episodes – from the glamorous youth in the capital to the decision to retire to a farm, from pornographic books to the fantasy of becoming a nun, or the desire to be recognized for how great she was, to be loved and to love many men. It would be possible to think that it seeks to portray the person behind the writer, if in Hilda these two faces were not, precisely because of the awareness with which she constructed her image, the same thing.

With a gripping narrative that grips from start to finish, Chanel Miller’s memoir reverberates the pain of so many women who seek the path of justice to repair the trauma of abuse and find themselves often trapped in humiliation. , shame and suffering.

She was not yet known by her name when she surprised millions with a letter reporting the rape she had suffered on the Stanford University campus. Published on BuzzFeed, the victim’s statement was seen by eleven million people in just four days, translated into several languages ​​and read on the floor of the US Congress, inspiring changes in California law and the dismissal of the judge in the case. Brock Turner, the accused, was sentenced in 2016 to just six months in prison after being caught sexually assaulting her. Thousands of people wrote to say that she had given them the courage to share experiences of aggression for the first time. Now Chanel Miller claims her own identity to tell her story.

The incredible and emotional true story of the Afghan woman who assumes her brother’s identity to survive

At the age of eight, Nadia Ghulam had the house where she lived with her family, in Afghanistan, destroyed by a bomb. She spent two years in the hospital, had a deformed face and lost all the men in her family. Nadia then realizes that she doesn’t have anyone to bring her sustenance home and alone decides to do everything to save them. She subverts the laws of the Taliban and the extremely sexist regime that prohibits women from working and studying and assumes the identity of her dead brother to seek the support of the family.

Nadia’s story of courage and survival has much in common with that of Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, who challenged the same Taliban to gain access to education. Nadia and Malala are today the most active voices in defense of human and women’s rights in areas taken over by Islamic fundamentalists.

Women who travel alone have certainly heard this question. Whether on another continent or in the neighboring city, it is always an act of courage to decide to discover a place on your own.

In this book, Gaía Passarelli speaks with sincerity and good humor about her adventures alone in the world. She’s not going to tell you to drop everything and go around, or give you tips on how to be cool in New York. These are stories about being comforted by an Andean shaman, dipping your toes in the sea of ​​southern India and sleeping under a bar table in Texas. It’s about traveling and coming home. Above all, this is a book that talks about being a woman and, at the same time, being free to travel around without company, without fear and without prejudice.

After visiting their only child, Quintana, hospitalized after suffering from pneumonia followed by septic shock, Joan Didion and her husband, writer and director John Gregory Dunne, sit down to dinner. The night is interrupted when John suffers a massive heart attack, putting an end to his forty-year partnership with Didion. Two months later, Quintana recovers — only to collapse at the Los Angeles airport and undergo six hours of surgery to remove a brain hematoma.

In The Year of Magical ThinkingJoan Didion explores a personal and yet universal experience: the portrait of a life together that ends abruptly, the good and bad moments of marriage and motherhood, capable of touching anyone who has ever loved a spouse or child.

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