4 high tech and innovative tools and equipment

Discover 4 utensils that a good modern kitchen needs to be more up to date. You will certainly feel like relying on the help of these materials to prepare your recipes.

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– Electric pressure cooker for modern kitchen

There is no kitchen in the world that can survive without a beautiful pressure cooker to cook various types of food. To make your life even easier and make your kitchen modern, Electrolux has launched an electric pressure cooker.

The equipment has a capacity of 6 liters and has pre-programmed recipes and 10 safety devices that make all the difference. The price exceeds R$ 400.

– Modern kitchen calls for a digital kettle

Having a fresh tea on a cold day or to relax in moments of fatigue is a great idea for anyone. Even better if it has the help of an electric and digital kettle that can be connected to 110V or 220V outlets.

To acquire one of these, it will be necessary to invest about R$ 300, but its durability will be very long.

– Machine to put gas in common water

Sparkling water is a product that is attracting new fans every day. Initially, her taste tends not to be very popular with people, but over time she becomes addictive. It is no wonder that there are machines created precisely to insert gas into the common water that comes out of your faucet or filter. The price of this beauty is around R$ 620.

The operation is very simple: the machine injects carbon dioxide (CO2) into the liquid. An interesting feature is that you can regulate the amount of gas you want to have in the water.

– Xiaomi “smart” airfryer

Electric air fryers, known as airfryers, are the best options to be practical and eat foods with less fat. What you didn’t know is that there is a smart fryer developed by the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. For a modern kitchen, this is certainly an item that cannot be missed.

The fryer allows its control to be done by a smartphone application. The user can schedule food preparation, make appointments, reminders and customize recipes. Its price is around R$ 850.

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