AirTag: Apple to ship more than 35 million units to stores in 2022

Apple’s AirTags, the Cupertino giant’s handheld trackers, were developed to locate your lost items. second generation and the numbers of units shipped to stores are proof of that.

Even though AirTags have been controversial because they were considered dangerous in cases where the trackers were used as tools for stalkers, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes they are still extremely popular. Thanks to the more affordable price and the ease of helping users find lost items, Kuo estimates that Apple could ship around 35 million units of the devices to stores in 2022.

In 2021, that shipping number was estimated at 20 million units, indicating that there has been growth and demand remains high. Assuming that growth continues, Kuo believes that Apple would be willing to launch a second-generation model, which should bring more advanced functions. While AirTags work with Android devices, their full potential is achieved when used in conjunction with the iPhone.

One of the changes that should accompany a possible new generation of AirTags is the size, which should become thinner, smaller and lighter, allowing them to fit more easily in pockets, wallets or purses. In addition, the smaller size should also make it difficult for a thief to identify the device.

For now, we have to wait for an official statement from Apple, but the company has certainly managed to score one more hit.

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