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It had everything: controversial decision, expulsion, confusion, goal, miraculous saves. Inter x Botafogo, for the 13th round, was one of the busiest games of the Brasileirão so far. Impossible to analyze what happened in the match without considering the whole hectic context. For these reasons, ge divided the alvinegra victory into seven acts. check out:

1. Turbulent start 🥵

In the first two minutes of the game, Botafogo was involved by Inter: they barely touched the ball. Dominated, Luís Castro’s team saw Mano Menezes’ team reach the area with an exchange of passes between Edenilson, Bustos and Alan Patrick, who tried to cover up Gatito Fernández. The ball hit Philipe Sampaio’s belly and then his arm.

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The bid earned Inter a penalty – converted by Edenilson – and, to Botafogo, two expulsions: that of the alvinegro defender for the touch and that of the technician for complaint. With a numerical disadvantage on the field and also on the scoreboard, the visitors started the match in the worst possible way in Beira-Rio.

2. Immediate reaction after another hit 🔥

It didn’t take long – more specifically five minutes, between the penalty kick, at eight, and Bustos’ goal, at 13 – for the situation to get even worse for Botafogo. Still shaken and dissatisfied with the penalty that led to the first goal, the alvinegro team suffered the second.

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The beautiful colorado move broke the carioca defense. At the edge of the area, Bustos played for Alan Patrick, who, with a touch, managed to beat Hugo, Klaus and Piazon, watching Bustos receive the return and complete for the goal.

Luís Castro, on Botafogo's duel with Inter: "One of the most complex days of my career"

Luís Castro, on Botafogo’s duel with Inter: “One of the most complex days of my career”

Five minutes after having conceded the second goal with one player less, Botafogo showed that they were alive in the game: Vinicius Lopes scored for the first time since he arrived at the club, at the beginning of the year. The bid started in a corner, charged to the colorada area and hit by Moisés. In the left, Saravia shared with De Pena and returned the ball to the area, catching the disorganized defense of Inter. Vinicius Lopes came up from behind and played for the goal.

3. Tactical reorganization and Piazon delivery 📋

Amid the whirlwind of emotions, Botafogo had to reorganize itself to survive with one less until the end of the match. The entire initial strategy went down the drain after Sampaio was expelled. Before talking about the developments, it is worth mentioning that Luís Castro decided to continue the formation with three defenders, which was “debuted” in the victory over São Paulo on Thursday (16), after a sequence of four defeats.

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The problem to build a line of three in the defense, however, lived in the suspensions of Víctor Cuesta and Kanu. From the previous match, only Carli remained to Castro. The coach decided to keep the momentum going by choosing Philipe Sampaio, who returned from an injury suffered at the beginning of last month, alongside William Klaus, who had played just 45 minutes against Ceilândia, in the Copa do Brasil. The idea was to guarantee the same defensive solidity obtained against São Paulo.

"It is our obligation to play against Fluminense", says Peter |  The Voice of the Crowd

“It’s our obligation to sell out against Fluminense”, says Pedro | The Voice of the Crowd

Sampaio’s expulsion, however, forced a new dynamic to be improvised. When attacked, Botafogo protected itself with a five player line: defenders Carli and Klaus, full-backs Saravia and Hugo and midfielder Lucas Piazon. The midfielder played his best game with the white shirt in Porto Alegre. He was participative and impressed by the delivery by joining Hugo to close the left side of defense.

4. Catito’s miracles 😼

Even though the new dynamics in the formation were working relatively well, Botafogo still suffered with Inter until the end of the first half. If it weren’t for Gatito, the team could go to the locker room at half-time with little chance of being able to react in the second half.

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The first miracle operated by the goalkeeper happened at 45 minutes. The left side of the alvinegra defense was completely involved by the exchange of colored passes, until Edenilson, at the entrance of the small area, finished. With his foot, the goalkeeper managed to take it off. On the rebound, on top of the archer, David also tried to finish, but the Paraguayan recovered in time to make another save.

In the second half, he did a miracle, when he saw Pedro Henrique enter the cart to complete and when Alemão, face to face with the goalkeeper, kicked. Gatito got the defense and was lucky that the ball exploded on the crossbar.

5. Is it emotion you want @? 🤯

The second half didn’t start as frenetic as the first half, but it also had moments of tension. In the 11th minute, Inter scored on faults by Joel Carli, in the marking of Alemão, and by Gatito Fernández, in the conclusion. Luckily, the goal was disallowed by the attacker’s hand touch.

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As in the first half, the answer came immediately: three minutes later, O Botafogo tied. Piazon took a corner and the ball dropped into the area, until it found the head of Erison, who, firmly, tested it to the back of the goal.

6. The (dramatic) turn 💪🏼

Of course, the last goal of the match would not go smoothly. Even though both teams were physically worn out, the pace did not slow down. Mano Menezes, until then undefeated, changed the team, pushing his pieces to the attack, which left the field more open and opened up more opportunities for Botafogo to counterattack.

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The pressure had an effect: Beira-Rio exploded in the 49th minute of the second half with a goal by Mercado. While the Colorados celebrated in ecstasy with the crowd and the black and white players watched the party, in disbelief and disappointed to let the tie slip away in the last play of the game, VAR checked the play. Obstruction found. Colored goal disallowed.

The delay in evaluating the bid forced the referee to add more time to stoppage time, which was already happening in Beira-Rio. There were another five minutes of suffocation in Colorado, who tried, at all costs, to pressure Botafogo against their own goal. And it was in one of those chances that Matheus Nascimento started on the counterattack, finished, stopped on goalkeeper Daniel, but saw his colleague Hugo completing for the back of the goal, who had a clear path: 3 to 2.

The game, in the way it was conducted, already raised the spirits on the field. With a hint of provocation, then… It all started when the whitewashed goal came out. In the celebration, Botafogo players provoked the Inter bench. There was running around, disagreements and general jostling.

The situation worsened a few moments later, when the match was over. Piazon, from Botafogo, tried to punch Cadorini, from Inter, and was hit by the Colorado striker David. At summarythe referee recorded the expulsions of the midfielder and also of David.

The two will be judged by the Superior Court of Sports Justice, as well as Philipe Sampaio and Mercado. In a statement after the game, André Mazzuco, sports director of Botafogo, said that the club will take measures at CBF in relation to the events.

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