Angelus with the Pope: Only Jesus can satisfy our hunger for love

Under a sun of more than 30 degrees, thousands of faithful prayed the Angelus with the Pope. In the address, Francis spoke about the Eucharist, taking inspiration from the Solemnity of Corpus Christi celebrated this Sunday in some countries. The Eucharist not only feeds us, but satisfies us, he said, because it gives us that “plus” that we are all looking for: the presence of the Lord!

Bianca Fraccalvieri – Vatican News

Before thousands of faithful in Saint Peter’s Square, Pope Francis spoke about the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, celebrated today in Italy and in other countries. The Eucharist, instituted at the Last Supper, was like the point of arrival on a journey, during which Jesus anticipated it by means of certain signs, above all the multiplication of the loaves.

Jesus takes care of the crowd that followed him to hear his word and free themselves from various evils. He blesses five loaves and two fish, breaks them, the disciples distribute them and all “have their fill”. “In the Eucharist, everyone can experience this loving and concrete attention of the Lord. Those who receive the Body and Blood of Christ with faith not only eat, but are satisfied”, explained the Pope, dwelling on these two aspects: eating and indulge.

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eat and feed

According to Luke’s narration, as the night fell, the disciples advised Jesus to send the crowd away so that they could find something to eat. But the Master also wanted to provide for this need. The miracle of the loaves and fishes, however, does not happen in a spectacular way, but almost in a reserved way, as at the wedding at Cana: the bread increases by passing from hand to hand. And while eating, the crowd realizes that Jesus takes care of everything.

“This is the Lord present in the Eucharist: he calls us to be citizens of Heaven, but in the meantime he takes into account the path we must face here on earth. If I have little bread in my purse, He knows and cares.”

For Francis, there is a risk of restricting the Eucharist to a vague dimension, perhaps luminous and scented with incense, but far from the alleys of everyday life. But in reality, the Lord takes all our needs to heart, starting from the most elementary ones. And he wants to set an example for the disciples, saying: “You give them something to eat”.

“Our Eucharistic adoration is confirmed when we take care of our neighbor, as Jesus does: all around us there is a hunger for food, but also for company, consolation, friendship, good humor, attention, our hunger for evangelization. in the Eucharistic Bread: Christ’s attention to our needs, and the invitation to do the same with those who are at our side. eat and feed.”

Only the presence of the Lord satisfies us

In addition to eat, however, you must not miss the be satiated. The crowd was satisfied with the abundance of food, and also with the joy and wonder of having received it from Jesus.

We certainly need to feed ourselves, the Pontiff added, but we also need to be satisfied, that is, to know that nourishment is given to us. for love.

“In the Body and Blood of Christ, we find his presence, his life donated by each one of us. Not only does he help us to go forward, but he gives us himself: he becomes our travel companion, he enters into our vicissitudes, visits our solitudes, giving us meaning and enthusiasm again. This satiates usthis gives us that “plus” that we are all looking for: the presence of the Lord!”

Because in the heat of his presence, our life changes: without him, it would really be gray. Adoring the Body and Blood of Christ, let us ask him with all our hearts: “Lord, give me daily bread to go ahead and satisfy me with your presence!”.

“May the Virgin Mary teach us to adore the living Jesus in the Eucharist and to share him with our brothers and sisters”, was Francis’ final invocation.

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