Black box of Boeing 747 arrested in Argentina is removed and confiscated

The telenovela of the Boeing 747 with Iranian roots, but which flew on the Venezuelan Conviasa and was seized in Argentina continues, and now involves the black box.

Disclosure – Conviasa

The aircraft had a Venezuelan-Iranian crew, which already arrived in the country with missing documentation and suspected that the plane could be seized. However, the plane was analyzed from nose to tail.

According to local media, a full inspection of the Jumbo was carried out and lasted “from early afternoon until 4 am” last Friday (17). The review was carried out by Argentine judiciary personnel, police officers and aviation experts. One was seized tablet that had been left behind by the crew. So far, 30 mobile devices have been seized, including 18 cell phones, 7 laptops and 5 tablets.

But the investigation went further and entered the aircraft’s rear compartment, where the black boxes are. Both the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and the Voice Recorder (CVR) were seized, the latter being the most valuable for the judicial police, as it can reveal the conversation between the crew and clarify points that were not said to the police during their depositions.

Since it was apprehended, the Boeing 747-300, registration YV-3531, remains parked in a remote area of ​​Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza Airport, and is sealed, in addition to being under 24-hour surveillance by the local police. Until everything is clarified, the plane is detained, despite protests from Venezuela:

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