BOMB: About 80% of those who DIE from “covid” in Canada are fully vaccinated

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The government of Canada has confirmed that 80% of deaths from “covid” are “fully vaccinated” deaths, which completely challenges the government’s official claim that vaccines are perfectly “safe and effective” and help “stop the spread”.

Surprisingly, those who have had three shots (the two primaries plus a “booster”) account for 70% of all deaths – suggesting that the more Fauci flu shots a person receives, the more likely they are to end up in one. statistic.

The Canadian government’s epidemiological data, which are reported sporadically and “whenever they want,” according to Exposé News, clearly show that being needled by Chinese germs does not protect against infection or death.

This data is skewed, as you can imagine, because of the time frame used, designed to mislead. (Related: Remember when the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that “the majority” of new cases of the Omicron variant are being detected in the fully vaccinated?)

“Unfortunately, the Government of Canada is trying to mislead the public by providing a count of cases, hospitalizations and deaths dating back to December 14, 2020,” explains Exposé.

“By doing so, they can include a massive wave that occurred in January 2021, when only 0.3% of Canada’s population was considered fully vaccinated.”

Make no mistake: getting vaccinated for covid will likely make you sick or kill you

Fortunately, the use of the so-called “Wayback Machine” allows for a more accurate view of data that the Canadian government does not want people to see, which shows something very different when performing independent mathematical calculations.

As of Dec 10, 2021, Reuters states that the majority of the 43 cases of COVID-19 caused by the Omicron variant identified in the United States to date have occurred in people who have been fully vaccinated and a third of them have received a booster dose, according to a US report published on Friday.

Exposé was able to determine that the most recent “waves” of covid, including hospitalizations and deaths, occurred not among the unvaccinated, but mainly among the fully vaccinated.

“Canada recorded 429,335 cases of Covid-19 between February 14 and May 29, 2022, and 376,451 of those cases were among the vaccinated population,” the independent news agency reported. “With 11,211 cases among the partially vaccinated, 138,086 cases among the double vaccinated and 227,154 cases among the triple vaccinated.”

“This means that the unvaccinated population accounted for 12% of Covid-19 cases between February 14 and May 29, while the vaccinated population accounted for 88%, 60% of which were among the triple vaccinated.”

Similarly with hospitalizations, hospitals across Canada saw a massive influx of new patients between February 14th of this year and May 29th. Almost all hospitalization cases were of people who received double or triple blows.

“This means that the unvaccinated population accounted for only 22% of hospitalizations, while the vaccinated population accounted for 78%, of which 63% were among the triple vaccinated,” revealed Exposé.

Then we have the deaths, which during the same period mainly occurred in people who received double or triple blows. Over those 15 weeks, 4,954 people died of “covid” in Canada, at least officially speaking, and 3,796 of those deaths occurred in the double or triple injection.

“If you don’t find these numbers worrying, maybe you will when you realize that between 30,000 and 50,000 Canadians are getting their third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine every day,” reports Exposé, providing a very clear and disturbing picture of what’s happening. is really happening to people who get these so-called “vaccines”.

“But now, despite the government of Canada clearly trying desperately to hide it, a little time, effort and simple math revealed 88% of cases, 78% of hospitalizations and 77% of deaths were recorded among the fully vaccinated population between 14 February and May 29, 2022.”

Big Pharma and CDC: One in the Same

Anyone trying to argue with you that the CDC is looking out for public safety as its first priority need only take a look at D&B to see that the CDC is really looking out for its own bottom line and that of its corporate allies. Which brings us to our second piece of evidence that the CDC is a corrupt, drug-manipulating scam – many of the CDC’s top health “experts” have ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

In fact, the vaccine industry has its own courthouse and judges now, so the CDC is running in full Conflict of interests to promote vaccines publicly as part of a business agenda with financial rewards for those who put in the most effort. Since the Supreme Court’s decision in 2011, Bruecewitz vs. Wyeth , the vaccine industry is COMPLETELY DISCLAIMED from any liability in relation to vaccine products, but the industry shells out billions in damages to humans who receive too many vaccines too close together and/or too young. was. OThe CDC refuses to regulate this industry (1) but instead promotes toxic chemicals, synthetic preservatives, dangerous heavy metal toxins, carcinogens, and “adjuvants” still listed as ingredients in vaccines,including Mercury (as thimerosal in flu shots),aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde. The CDC has had relationships with big business for decades and generations, if not from the beginning.

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Most reported cases of Omicron in the US reached the fully vaccinated -CDC


SOURCE/CREDITS: Expose News, Reuters

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