Check out the cutest moments of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban!

  • Disclosure Nicole Kidman, born on June 20, 1967, and Keith Urban, are extremely passionate and do not hide that feeling in any way! Once, when they celebrated their wedding anniversary, each decided to pay a different tribute through social media. The singer country published this photo that you see just above, in which the actress appears doing a dance, while he plays the piano: 12 years of this heavenly, dancing synergistic soul. Happy wedding anniversary girl!!! I love you so much. Check out more cute lovebird moments below!

  • Editing-Disclosure Nicole also celebrated the special date and posted on Instagram a video of their wedding day. In the record, there are images of the Australian landscape and romantic scenes between the two. In the caption, the actress declared: Remembering that today’s date, 12 years ago, at Manly Church, Australia. It still feels like yesterday. I’m a lucky woman. happy wedding anniversary baby.

  • Disclosure One Christmas, both were clicked on a photo that looks like a postcard, it’s so cute!

  • Getty Images In an interview with parade, Nicole revealed the secret to happiness in her marriage to Keith: they never text each other! She explained: – This is not our relationship. Nicole said the couple prefers contact. voice to voice or skin to skin and added: – We talk all the time and we talk via FaceTime, but we just don’t text because it can be misunderstood sometimes. It’s happened that I reread text messages and I’m like, what does that mean? And then I read it to someone and ask them to interpret it. I don’t want this between my love and me.

  • Getty Images Here, Nicole and Keith were on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival 2013. Isn’t it great to have a husband who shows everyone how special you are?

  • Getty Images And that kiss that the two exchanged in full Cannes Film Festival? But it doesn’t stop there, no…

  • Getty Images …there was also another kiss exchanged in CMT Music Awards from 2017. This one looks like a scene from a movie, doesn’t it?

  • Disclosure In the same event, by the way, the actress published a selfie very cute next to the loved one!

  • Disclosure Is there anything cuter than candid photos? The photo above was taken backstage at the American Songbook, in May of this year. Look at these passionate smiles!

  • Getty Images A couple that cheers together, stays together. And do you think they both love ice hockey? This click was made at the end of the Stanley Cupin 2017, where both cheered for the Nashville Predators. And it’s like they say: luck in love, bad luck in gambling. O nashvilleunfortunately, ended up losing to the Pittsburgh Penguins. But at least Nicole and Keith are still going strong, right?

  • Disclosure And everyone already knows: October 31st has arrived, it’s time to dress up! At the halloween In 2017, Nicole wore a skull dress while Keith opted for a macabre and modern look. They turned out beautiful, don’t you think? Matching!

  • Disclosure in another halloween, the couple again showed their creativity when dressing up! In the caption, Keith hinted that Nicole ate all the candy…

  • Disclosure And of course the two still find some time alone from time to time, even with their busy schedule. For love we make an effort, right?

  • Disclosure And if you haven’t noticed, look what a BEAUTIFUL couple! Seriously, they look like they were made for each other. So, how about taking advantage of all this romance weather and message your bae?

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