Desperate 3-year-old girl is rescued after being locked in water tank by parents

With a video shared on the networks, a case that occurred in Chalco Valleyat the Mexico, generated revolt from netizens after a 3-year-old girl was rescued from a huge water tank. She had been locked away by her parents, who were supposed to be working.

According to information from the portal publicity meterneighbors were responsible for making the complaint after hearing the child’s despairing cries asking to be removed from the large object.

A short time later, two police officers arrived at the residence and rescued the girl, who was crying and panicking, a moment that was illustrated in the video released this week and which became a trend.

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What happened to the girl’s parents?

Once evidence of what had occurred, the police detained the child’s parents, who are being accused of domestic violence. Now, they are at the disposal of justice and the procedural steps that will follow.

“Both people were placed at the disposal of the judicial authority of the Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center of Chalco, which will determine their legal situation”reinforced the Attorney General of the State of Mexico in a statement.

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