Elections in France: Macron loses majority in the legislature with ‘historic’ defeat and advance of the radical left and right

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French President Emmanuel Macron greets supporters as he arrives to vote in the second round of French parliamentary elections, at a polling station in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, France, June 19, 2022

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Macron’s coalition needed 289 seats to secure majority

French President Emmanuel Macron’s coalition failed to maintain an absolute majority in Parliament in the second round of legislative elections, held this Sunday (19/6) in a climate of suspense due to the tight results of the first vote, held on the 12th.

Official results released by the Ministry of the Interior indicate that the centrist coalition “Ensemble!” (“Together!”) by Macron won 245 seats in the National Assembly. To obtain an absolute majority, it would be necessary to win 289 of the 577 seats.

Despite his coalition being the most voted, Macron will need, in the opinion of experts, to seek alliances and will have great difficulties to govern due to the strong advance of forces of the left and especially the radical right of Marine Le Pen, who achieved a record performance in this legislative election.

After the release of the first projections on Sunday night (19/6), the country’s prime minister, Elisabeth Borne – who was also a candidate and managed to get elected – said in a speech on French TV that she had never seen a National Assembly like the which is configured now.

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