Famous actor kills own mother and begs forgiveness in trial

Actor confessed to crime and asked for forgiveness during trial

the series actor riverdaleaccused of having killed his own mother, Ryan Granthamduring his trial apologized for the murder of his mother and for planning to kill the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

He is currently 23 years old and in addition to Riverdale, he also acted in the series Supernatural, in 2005, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, in 2010. He also explained the reason why he took the life of his mother, Barbara Waite, in the year 2020.

“My mother was a caring, understanding and loving person. She didn’t do anything to deserve what I did to her. In the face of something so horrible, apologizing almost seems pointless. But with every fiber of my being, I’m sorry,” he said, who ended his speech by saying, “The only way I can justify going on is if I live the rest of my life in a way she would be proud of, to be a better, honest, good person.”


The actor had intentions of killing the prime minister of Canada to, according to him, ‘make an impact on the media’. He didn’t want his mother to find out about her plans to kill Justin Trudeau, so he ended up shooting her in the head while she was playing the piano.

After the crime, he allegedly threw a sheet over her glass, lit some candles around it and said he prayed some Hail Marys. The next day, he would have taken money to buy drugs and make a cocktail.

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The vehicle contained explosives, weapons and ammunition, as well as camping equipment and coordinates that led to the minister’s home in Ottawa. Along the way, he changed his mind and went to a police station, confessing to his crimes.

The prosecution in the case discovered during the investigation that the actor also planned to carry out other mass bombings on the Lions Gate Bridge and Simon Fraser Universaty. The actor was found guilty of second-degree murder, a kind of life sentence without parole for 10 to 25 years.

Ryan Grantham, actor from "riverdale" and "Supernatural"
Ryan Grantham, Actor of “Riverdale” and “Supernatural” (source: reproduction)

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