For betrayal, man leaves cell phone with note to technician: ‘help me’

An order hidden inside a cell phone surprised electronics technician Zalmir Ferreira, 37, in Itaboraí (RJ). He attended to a couple who complained that the device was inactive after falling into a toilet. When opening it to fix it, Zalmir saw that there was a paper that he asked for the cell phone not to be repaired.

Friend, please say that this device is no longer available. If my wife sees what’s in him, I’ll lose my house, my car, my bank account, my lover, my dignity, and the Church’s sheep. In the name of the Father, help me. There’s a treat for you.
Ticket found inside the device with R$ 150 in cash

The case took place about two weeks ago and had the outcome only on Friday (17). Zalmir posted the entire story on TikTok, without identifying the customers. The first video on the subject already has more than 6 million views.

To UOL, the electronics technician said he went through intense days until the device was delivered back to the owner. According to him, the man is from the Church — but there is no confirmation whether he is a pastor or assistant pastor.

“They [homem e mulher] came here together. He was calm, but she looked more nervous. They said the device had stopped working. It looks like they had an argument and he threw his cell phone down the toilet and the device went off. When I opened it to fix it, there was that note,” said Zalmir, who welcomed the couple to the store for the first time.

The technician even received calls and separate visits from the couple, each with different requests. “Apparently, she works in a hospital and was working a lot, on duty. She called me saying that she really needed her cell phone to get some data that was on it”. The repair request had been made in the woman’s name and for this reason he had direct contact with her.

The man, in turn, appeared twice alone in the store.

“Before of her come here to get it, he came first, early in the morning. He had come before, changed. He said he was going to call a lawyer, that it was a crime, he couldn’t keep his cell phone. Then the second time I recorded it”, says Zamir.

The images were also posted on TikTok. In the video, you can see the customer asking for his cell phone back. “Good morning, Varão. Help me. I came to get the phone for the second time”, he says. When the request is denied, the man threatens to go to the police station to file a complaint. “What are we going to do next? I’ll have to go to the police station. You don’t want to return something that is mine”, he contests.

Zalmir said that despite the threat, the man returned two hours later apologizing. “Then I returned his letter and the money and he even joked: ‘I was good with my cell phone, but it wasn’t good for me’.”

In addition to the R$150 offered by the man, Zalmir says the woman also offered R$400 – but for him to unlock the device, since her husband claimed that he did not remember the password.

The technician did not unlock the phone and decided to just focus on the repair work. In a video published on TikTok, he justified the decision to his followers:

“My area is maintenance and repair of cell phones, tablets and notebooks. I fix devices, I don’t clone, I don’t block, I don’t unlock. it’s detective or hacker stuff. I fix cell phones. It would be rude of me to say there was no way or [que não tinha] solution. Then she goes to another [técnico de eletrônicos] and the guy says there was a way, that I was lying.”

When returning the device on Friday (17) to customers, he said the two appeared to be calm. “She paid and they left just fine.”

Zalmir says he doesn’t know the contents of the device and that, out of professionalism, he didn’t look. “I’m already into the subject too much, imagine looking at it,” he says.

Seven years in the area, the coach says that this was not the first time he went through embarrassing situations. One of them also involves cheating: a man made purchases for his mistress using the woman’s card, which subsequently caused a little confusion.

“I go through each one. There’s a business of wanting to clone WhatsApp, unlock cell phones. A lot of people come. Husband comes, wife comes. Old people, new people. I don’t want to know about any of this, I just fix it”, he says.

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