Fortaleza beats América-MG at home and alleviates crisis before the classic

After a troubled week – with protest from the crowd and the removal of Lucas Crispim -, Fortaleza beat América-MG 1-0 today (19) and got at least one relief in the 13th round of the Brasileirão.

With the support of the fans at Arena Castelão, Tricolor was more aggressive and managed to open the scoring with Yago Pikachu, at 42′ of the first half. Alviverde didn’t make a point of keeping the ball, taking danger primarily in dead ball crosses.

Leão do Pici leaves the bottom to Juventude with the triumph, but remains in the relegation zone, in 19th place, with only 10 points won. On Wednesday (22), the club changes the key to the classic against Ceará, in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

Coelho, on the other hand, reaches the fourth game in a row without scoring and, consequently, without winning. With 15 points, he is in 14th place.

Who did well: Yago Pikachu

Back after serving a suspension, Pikachu participated in the offensive plays, helped create the right and positioned himself very well to score the only goal of the match.

Who was bad: Everaldo

Coelho’s attack was not an inspired night, but the attacker did the least. Easily marked, the player barely touched the ball, and when he did, he didn’t offer any danger shots.

Fortaleza’s performance: Keeping the standard

Vojvoda has changed little in the way Tricolor acts. Keeping the three defenders, touching the ball and looking for the speed of their forwards, the team managed to create opportunities and dominate the match most of the time. More back from the middle of the second half, he managed to manage the result.

América-MG’s performance: Falter is expensive

Fortaleza had scored just nine goals in the first 12 rounds and, alongside Cuiabá, was the worst attack of the tournament. Even so, Mancini decided to reinforce the defensive sector with the entry of Danilo Avelar, also counting on the player’s strength in the aerial ball. However, the team ended up faltering just over the top, leaving Pikachu, only 1.69m, alone in the small area to head in the first half.

After the break, the team went on the attack, but, without much organization, almost didn’t threaten to draw.

game chronology

Tricolor started pressing and gradually lost steam. América grew and had a good moment until shortly after the hydration break, at 30′. But, at the end of the first stage, Lucas Lima crossed for Pikachu to send a header to the back of the net, at 42′.

The second half started with chances for both sides and was more open. Boeck saved Leão again just after 2′, in a kick by Felipe de Azevedo. At 5′, Aloísio threw it out, with a header, a great chance to equalize. The Lion’s answer came in the 7′, when Ceballos deflected it weakly and the ball skimmed the post. In the final minutes, the hosts closed well and tried to counterattack, but without success.

Forgot your card?

Vuaden didn’t show any cards during the first half, despite the game asking for it. The most serious move was at 14′, Marlon lost the ball to Zé Welison, who ran away. In an attempt to contain the advance, the side raised his leg and hit the belly of the Lion’s steering wheel, making a hard foul.

The only yellow card of the game came just 30 minutes into the second half, when Ceballos hit Pedrinho with his left leg in midfield.

Referee ‘ignores’ VAR twice

Aloísio dominated alone and hit hard for a great save by Boeck at 36′ of the opening stage. Conti tried to get the rebound, however he stopped on Titi’s mark.

The move, which did not generate any complaints on the pitch, was interpreted as a possible tug of Titi’s shirt on Conti. Vuaden went to the monitor, but chose to keep the field decision and did not score the penalty.

In the 39′ of the second half, Titi came up with an open arm inside the area and hit Conti. Vuaden went to the monitor again to analyze the play that could result in a penalty and Titi’s expulsion. However, once again, the call of video referee Rodrigo oak trees de Miranda was not kept in the field. Despite the favorable decision, Vojvoda complained too much and was expelled.

Bunny defense changes

Goalkeeper Airton, who was a starter for América between the end of 2019 and 2020, makes his first match with the club in the Série A do Brasileiro. He played just one game in the Campeonato Mineiro with the club in 2021 and played another three in the first phase of the state championship this year, in addition to two matches in the Independence Trophy. The starter Jaílson has muscle discomfort, while Matheus Cavichioli, the immediate reserve, is still recovering in the medical department.

Another novelty in the lineup was the entry of Danilo Avelar. The defender had only played in three matches against Coelho in the Brasileirão, always coming in after 30′ of the second stage. The last time he was a starter was on October 7, 2020, when he played for Corinthians in a 1-1 draw against Santos.

next games

Fortaleza enters the field this Wednesday (22), at 8 pm, for the classic against Ceará in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

América will play again only for the 14th round of the Brasileirão, when they visit Flamengo on Saturday (25), at 7pm. A little later, at 9 pm, Leão also enters the field, but against Atlético-MG at Mineirão.


Serie A of the Brazilian Championship – 13th round
Date: June 19, 2022, Sunday
Time: 18:00 (from Brasilia)
Place: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
Referee: Leandro Pedro Vuaden (RS)
assistants: Jorge Eduardo Bernardi (RS) and José Eduardo Calza (RS)
VAR: Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda (RJ)
Goal: Yago Pikachu, at 42’/1st (STR)
Yellow card: Onions (FOR); (AME).
Red card: Vojvoda (FOR)

STRENGTH: Marcelo Boeck; Ceballos, Marcelo Benevenuto and Titi; Felipe, Zé Welison (Ronald), Lucas Lima (Matheus Jussa) and Juninho Capixaba; Yago Pikachu, Moisés (Igor Torres) and Silvio Romero (Depietri). Technician: Juan Pablo Vojvoda.

AMERICA-MG: Airton; Raúl Cáceres (Patric), Germán Conti, Éder, Danilo Avelar (Índio Ramírez) and Marlon (João Paulo); Lucas Kal and Juninho; Felipe Azevedo (Pedrinho). Everaldo and Aloísio (Wellington Paulista). Technician: Vagner Mancini.

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