Galo’s resounding victory over Flamengo. Tactical Observations and more…

Atlético had a great performance in the classic against Flamengo this Sunday. solid. safe.

One of the main criticisms that had been leveled at the work of “El Turco” in recent weeks was its fragility and lack of a collective identity to defend. Without the ball, the set gave a lot of space. He alternated between fighting with high lines and a more conservative stance, exuding a certain errant air, with little conviction in what he was doing; and in both models he failed, offering latifundia for the adversary to exploit.

Today, precisely in the matter mentioned above, the alvinegro showed himself with a diametrically opposite performance: he mixed, throughout the match, an aggressive approach to seek to regain possession, pressing the enemy ball out, and lowered his blocks at other moments. The pattern at both times? The ability, the quality to completely cancel Flamengo in both. Today the Rooster bit much more. And he bit well.

Without Zaracho, with the departure of Savarino, the right winger remains the main unknown for Atlético. This afternoon the team started with Vargas occupying this sector. About halfway through the first half, he switched positions with Nacho and started playing inside. Even before the turn of the break, the two gringos returned to their starting places.

In the final stage, Ademir, who became one of the alternatives chosen as a starter in other opportunities in the gap detailed here, entered that way, with Vargas leaving the field and Nacho definitively staying in the center – there’s no way: it’s from there, although working like a pendulum, looking for the ends with good frequency, the ex-River ace yields more.

Nacho and Mariano played excellent matches. Keno, who came out in the second half to enter Rubens, from the left, his classic habitat, also paraded with commendable performance.

Important tactical detail: in Galo’s first goal, when Arana received the ball to cross, as the costumes dictate, in addition to the centre-forward, the two wingers and the link midfielder entered the area, populating this part of the field. It should be noted that the header that generated the rebound for Nacho was by Keno, that is: he did not stay accommodated, leaning on the edge waiting for his partner on the left flank to act; sides giving amplitude and ends tapering: as Cuca liked.

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