Giant stingray weighing 300 kg becomes largest freshwater fish ever caught

Weighing 300 kilograms and measuring almost four meters, the largest freshwater stingray ever recorded in history was captured in Cambodia. The information was released by the Wonders of the Mekong project, responsible for cataloging species of the type, today. The fishery, in turn, took place on the 13th.

According to National Geographic, the animal was caught by fisherman Moul Thun, 42, who lives on the remote island of Koh Preah along the Mekong River.

The man launched the Wonders of the Mekong project, a partnership between authorities and experts from the Asian country with US scientists.

After the stingray was measured and weighed, it was returned to the wild with a tracker, which should record all its movements and help experts better understand the behavior of animals of the species in the region.

The fisherman responsible for the capture won a reward of US$ 600 (about R$ 3.1 thousand). Although the animal was captured with the help of a hook, it was in good health before being released.

Before the stingray caught last week, the largest freshwater fish ever caught in the world had also been found in Cambodia. In 2005, a giant catfish was found in the same river weighing 293 kilograms.

“The capture shows how little we know about these giant freshwater fish,” researcher Zeb Hogan, from the University of Nevada, told NBC Nres.

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