Judge was the best player of Corinthians in the victory against Goiás. Non-existent penalty scored. Actual penalty overlooked – Prism

São Paulo Brazil

Corinthians got three very important points by beating Goiás, in Itaquera.

It has the same 25 as the leader, Palmeiras, but is in second place on account of the goal difference.

But, even playing at home, against a weak opponent, lacking nine players, the points came thanks to referee Bráulio da Silva Machado.

He scored a non-existent penalty by Caio Vinicius. After a kick by Róger Guedes, the defender gave a cart to stop the shot. The ball touched Caio Vinicius’ belly, as he fell, and hit his left arm, which served as support.

The referee was wrong and absolutely harmed the Goiás team.

To make matters worse, in the 29th minute of the second half, Pedro Bambu pulled Pedro Raul’s shirt. Penalty for the team from Goiás, which was despised, in Itaquera.

Penalty ignored.

“Then, it’s difficult, you come to Corinthians, without nine players, for the debut of two boys in Goiás. And you lose that way. There’s no criteria. The referee does what he thinks he has to do. I’m happy because your companions [repórteres] also think, as I do, that it was not a penalty.

“And it was a penalty by Robson Bambu in Pedro Raul.

“With all due respect, Corinthians did not deserve to win. But, because of a refereeing error, which is clear to everyone, Goiás is harmed today.”

“I changed my attitude from not talking about refereeing because I’m tired of these absurd mistakes. Because you know what happens? I lose three four [jogos] and I am sent away. The guy [o juiz] don’t come here [dar coletiva] to say you were wrong.

“There were two mistakes that changed the history of the game. If it was three, four to zero, the penalties wouldn’t change anything. But Tadeu didn’t make a save. You can remind me.

The outburst came from coach Jair Ventura, after the bad performance of referee Bráulio da Silva Machado.

While Corinthians celebrates the three points, Goiás is one point away from the relegation zone…

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