Justice cancels mandates of 9 councilors and 3 alternates in Paraíba

This Monday (20), the Regional Electoral Court of Paraíba (TRE-PB) judged, unanimously, partially valid the Action for Impeachment of Elective Mandate (AIME) recognizing fraud in the gender quota. The consequence of the action is the annulment of the votes attributed to the councilors of the city of Monte Horebe, in the Sertão do Estado, in addition to three alternates. All are from the MDB.

Judge José Ferreira Ramos Júnior was the rapporteur of the case. A similar decision on the same case had been taken in July 2021 by Judge Ricardo Henriques Pereira Amorim of the 40th Electoral Zone of São José de Piranhas.

According to the complaint, there was the launch of orange candidacies of women in order to reach the percentage of 30% required by the electoral legislation. One of the orange candidates would be the wife of one of the candidates for councilor. She received no votes, in addition to being a donor to her husband’s campaign, who was re-elected.

Also according to the complaint contained in the file, the other candidate even campaigned on social media asking for a vote for another councilor. Another candidate did not have her candidacy registered because she did not deliver the necessary documentation, as well as she did not appeal the denial of the registration request.

This Monday’s decision (20) resulted in the cancellation of the mandates of the child parliamentarians: Edigley Cardoso Ferreira, Júlio Cézar Ferreira Braga, Márcio José Nogueira, Iranaldo Pereira de Sousa, Joaquim Leite De Brito, José Nilton Pereira Dantas, Agamoneo Dias Guarita Júnior , Valtiere Silva Barreiro and José Soares de Sousa. The decision also affected the alternates: Iracy De Sousa Cavalcanti Ferreira, Maria Marinalva Cardoso Dias and Josefa Alice da Costa.

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