Life-size Jimi Hendrix penis mold on display in museum

Rock star in the 1970s, Jimi Hendrix died of an overdose in November of the same year, but he marked history as one of the greatest singers of rhythm and still lives on through music and in the imagination of fans.

A hallmark of this is a full-size, erect plaster cast of the singer’s penis, complete with a certificate of authenticity. The piece is displayed at the Reykjavik museum in Iceland.

Rock star has plaster cast of full size erect penis –  Photo: AFPRock star has plaster cast of full-size, erect penis – Photo: AFP

The plaster piece is a replica of an original made in 1968, in latex, two years before the artist’s death, at the age of 27. The artist is Cynthia Albritton, known for her dedication to reproducing rock stars’ penises.

The museum in which the piece is exhibited has a collection dedicated to pieces that replicate the male genital organ. In the place hundreds of real specimens of penises are displayed, not only of humans, but also of whales, horses, seals, giraffes, goats, oxen and rats. There is only one human penis on display.

Plastic artist is dedicated to a collection with penis replicas –  Photo: AFPPlastic artist dedicates himself to a collection of penis replicas – Photo: AFP

The collection, put together by historian Sigurour Hjartarson, made the museum a tourist attraction in the region. Hjartarson has been collecting the pieces since 1974, when he received a whip made from a whale’s penis from a fisherman friend, since then the artist has started to collect pieces from this segment.

The largest organ in the collection is that of a whale, with a length of 1.70 meters, the complete organ measures up to 3 meters. The smallest is that of a hamster, with 2 millimeters.

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