Man files for divorce because wife only served noodles

posted on 20/06/2022 11:18 / updated 20/06/2022 11:19

(credit: Nusiba Ahmed/Unsplash)

A man has filed for divorce on the grounds that his wife served only instant noodles with every meal. The case was reported by an Indian judge, identified as ML Raghunath, in an interview with the newspaper. New Indian Express.

The magistrate said that the occurrence was registered in a court in the city of Ballari, in southern India.

“The husband said that the wife did not know how to prepare any other food besides Maggi noodles (brand of the product)”, said the judge. “It was pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” he added.

He also reported that, according to the husband, the wife brought only instant noodles when she returned from the market. The process was completed as a mutual consent divorce.

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