Man invades prison in SP and leaves bag with 128 cell phones

The CPP (Centro de Progressão Penitenciária) Ataliba Nogueira, in Campinas (São Paulo countryside), was empty on the night of the 18th and the following morning. A good part of the 2,435 prisoners had left the unit, with judicial authorization, in the temporary release of June 2022.

A stranger took the opportunity, climbed over the wall of one of the pavilions, cut through the fence and then ran straight to one of the empty barracks in the J wing.

He left a bag at the scene and inside it were 128 cell phones, 63 chargers, 60 chips, 63 cables and 20 headphones. This was one of the largest seizures of mobile phone devices recorded in the São Paulo prison system.

The arrest was made by criminal police officers on shift three of the unit. The day after the invasion of the CPP, a prison guard, when looking at the security cameras of the prison, where inmates are serving their sentences in a semi-open regime, saw images of the unknown person entering the unit.

According to the direction of Sifuspesp (Union of Employees of the Prison System of the State of São Paulo), this was the biggest seizure of cell phones in São Paulo prisons and frustrated the actions of the PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital). Sought, SAP (Secretary of Penitentiary Administration), has not yet manifested.

Prison officers interviewed by the column said, on condition of anonymity, that the criminal faction tried to insert the equipment into the unit, so that its members, from within the prison, could command crimes, such as kidnappings, drug trafficking and even scams via pix.

In the J wing, where the devices were left by the unknown, there are detainees who also benefited from the temporary release.

Temporary release is a benefit provided by the LEP (Criminal Execution Law) for semi-open prisoners with good behavior and who have already served one-sixth of their sentence —in the case of first-time offenders— and a fourth —in the case of repeat offenders.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, prisoners could leave the prison on Christmas/New Year’s temporary release; Easter; Mothers Day; Father’s Day; Children’s Day or the Dead. Outings were interrupted throughout 2020 because of the pandemic. In 2021, there was a change in the dates and the benefits were scheduled for March, June, September and December.

In March, June and September, detainees can leave the unit on Tuesday of the third week of the month at 6 am and return at 6 pm the following Monday. The date of departure, however, can be changed according to the direction of each prison and judicial consent.

In the case of CPP Ataliba Nogueira, at least 2,000 inmates were allowed to leave on Tuesday (14) with return scheduled for 6 pm this Monday (20). Anyone who does not return within the established period is considered evaded and loses the benefit of the progression of the sentence.

Franco da Rocha

At the Franco da Rocha CPP, in Greater São Paulo, agents from the Santana escort base (north of SP), exchanged fire with criminals around 3 am this Monday.

No criminal police officers were injured. After the shooting, agents found a backpack containing 51 cell phones, 36 batteries, 56 chargers and 28 chips. A ladder, a large rope and another backpack with clothes and food were also found.

The occurrence was presented by escort agents at a police station in Franco da Rocha.

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