Perrone says Corinthians does not play with the appetite of a champion

Corinthians’ 1-0 victory over Goiás, in a duel valid for the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship, was essential for the heavy sequence of Vítor Pereira’s men in June. After all, in addition to the duel against Santos for the Copa do Brasil and the Brasileirão itself, Timão will still face Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores.

At Live from Corinthianshowever, journalist Ricardo Perrone questioned the football presented by the current vice-leader of the country’s main competition: “He won, three points, beauty. opinion, that Corinthians didn’t show the football of someone fighting for the title. Playing at home, against a lower level opponent, they didn’t show the appetite of someone who wants to be champion”.

Not to mention the long sequence of games, in the tight schedule of Brazilian football, and the embezzlement of both sides, Vitor Guedes followed the same line and questioned Corinthians’ performance. “1 to 0 is great, it’s worth the same as a million to zero, I’ve never seen a straight points championship be decided on goal difference, but the truth is that Corinthians played absolutely nothing. Today, they still won with a penalty that didn’t existed”.

To try to summarize the criticism about the victory, Perrone re-emphasized that, in his opinion, Corinthians lacked ‘champion appetite’. Guedes, however, was more forceful: “Actually, there was a lack of football. There was a lack of inspiration, a decent lineup. It was very little, it seems that Corinthians knew they would win anyway and played with the handbrake on, in order to prepare for the duel against Santos in the middle of the week”.

The next edition of Live do Corinthians will be on Wednesday (22), right after the match against Santos, for the Copa do Brasil. You can follow the live on the UOL Channel, on the Placar UOL app, on the Corinthians page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on Youtube.

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