Pope puts on headdress and wants bishops to denounce rapes in the forest; watch video – 06/20/2022

In a strong symbolic gesture, Pope Francis received the bishops of the Amazon region this Monday for almost two hours. On the agenda, the role of the Catholic Church and violence against indigenous and vulnerable peoples. The pontiff also ended the meeting wearing a headdress sent by the peoples of the Amazon and joked: “imagine if I show up in (Praça) São Pedro with that?”, drawing laughter.

Francis received from CIMI (Indigenist Missionary Council) a report on the violence in the region and, according to the religious who were at the meeting, he was “deeply aware” of what was happening there.

The meeting this morning had 17 bishops coming from the Amazon, more specifically from the states of Amazonas, Acre and Roraima.

in conversation with the UOLthe Bishop of Porto Velho, Dom Roque Paloschi, explained that the Pope guided the religious to stand by the indigenous people and always respect the local culture.

But the bishop indicated that the meeting was also one of hope. “He motivated us to live our mission as pastors and not bureaucrats, not to lose this focus. And courage, to be together with the poorest populations and, above all, that the Church knows how to respect cultures, the challenge of incarnation” , he said.

Dom Roque indicated that the specific cases of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira were not dealt with. But he revealed that the Pope is aware of the region’s difficulties and the need to change the way of dealing with biomes.

According to the official agency of the Holy See, Another message from the Pope was for the bishops to act “without fear” and to denounce those who violate the rights of indigenous populations. Lúcio Nicoletto, apostolic administrator of Roraima, affirmed that the pontiff encouraged the bishops to act “without fear of facing the challenges that the current moment presents us, which needs a prophetic word to announce the hope of the Gospel of life, but also to denounce everything that tramples on the fundamental rights of indigenous populations and care for the common home”.

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