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With millionaire films under her belt, Scarlett Johansson also shines off-screen as a singer! That’s right you read, the artist has a musical career. Learn more about the New York protagonist, who acts, sings and dubs, and has been considered several times one of the sexiest women in the world.

Before actually releasing a song or album, Scarlett made a lot of cameos. In 2006, Johansson performed the song “Summertime” on the album Unexpected Dreams, a collection of songs sung by Hollywood actors and actresses, she also performed this song at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with the band The Jesus and Mary Chain in April. from 2007.

The following year, he participated in the video for the release of the song “What Goes Around… Comes Around”, by Justin Timberlake, which was nominated for the MTV Video Music Award as the best music video of the year, see:

Scarlett Johansson launched herself as a singer with “Anywhere I Lay My Head”, an album of covers by Tom Waits – with the exception of “Song for Jo”, signed by Scarlett and producer David Sitek –, the record features David Bowie’s participation in two of the tracks, “Falling Down” and “Fannin’ Street”.

Anywhere I Lay My Head

Compared to Debbie Harry, from the Blondie group, for her serious tone of voice, the actress conquered the specialized critics. In 2009, she hit the market with the album “Break Up”, recorded three years earlier with Pete Yorn and inspired by the partnership of French singer Serge Gainsbourg with Brigitte Bardot.

The album reached the Platinum mark in France, reached the top Billboard 200, in the US, and received much praise from publications such as Entertainment Weekly, Alternative Press or Paste Magazine.

Check out the album’s setlist:

1. Rapporteur

2. Wear and Tear

3. I Don’t Know What To Do

4. Search Your Heart

5. Blackie’s Dead

6. I Am The Cosmos

7. Shampoo

8. Clean

9. Someday

Even one of the hits from the album is on Antena 1’s schedule, check it out:

In 2012, she added her voice together with J. Ralph, in the song “Before My time”, inserted in a documentary about climate concerns. This song received a nomination at the Academy Awards for “Best Original Song”.

Willing to continue to be present in music, in 2015 Scarlett teamed up with Este Haim, from the band Haim, Holly Miranda, Julia Haltigan and Kendra Morris to form The Singles. The first single was “Candy”, the idea, said the artist in an interview, is to invest in pop and dance songs, written and performed by women.

In 2016, Scarlett voiced a character in Sing – Who Sings Your Evils Amazes. In the animation, she voices as Ash, a rocking porcupine who participates in the film’s talent show singing “Set It All Free”, see:

“Apart” is Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson’s first collaboration since their 2009 album “Break Up”. The EP released in 2018, includes four new songs and a version of “Tomorrow”, a song that was originally part of Yorn’s latest album, “Arranging Time”, from 2016.

The EP is featured by the single “Bad Dreams”. The single alludes to nightmares and has a darker vibe. The duo sings about getting old, falling in love, not being in love anymore and life stages.

As we can see, the artist has dedicated herself a lot to the world of music, but still bets more on her role as an actress, participating in bombastic films, especially in the Marvel universe.



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