Simaria’s ex-husband spends millions of joint account to buy cryptocurrencies

Simaria’s ex-husband spends a millionaire amount from the bank account he had with the singer shortly after the end

And the controversy continues! This time, it was discovered that the entrepreneur Vicente Escrig would have withdrawn almost R$ 2 million from his joint account with his ex-wife, the singer simariashortly after the end of the relationship.

According to the column Leo Diasof metropolisesthe ex-husband of the sertaneja spent R$ 1.8 million on Bitcoin, the famous cryptocurrency.

In the process, which the journalist had access to, it is said that the boy spent the couple’s money shortly after asking the Justice that the sister of Simone pay the rent of a house that they both belong to, in Spain – since, supposedly, he would have been left without any money after he was expelled from his ex-wife’s residence.

It is speculated that the purchase would have taken place in November 2021, when the coin cost about R$350,000 a unit.

Vicente Escrig and simaria have been separated since August 2021. The two have been married for 14 years and are the parents of Giovanna and pawel.


The singer Simaria Mendes suffered an important defeat for her ex-husband, the businessman Vicente Escrigin the Justice of Spain, the country in which he was born.

According to the columnist Fabia Oliveiraof In offshe lost the apartment in Spain which is now in the hands of her ex.

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