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If not all, most car drivers Uber must have gone through the situation of having to prove that he was traveling — during a traffic stop, for example. From now on, this will be easier. This Monday (20), the company officially announced a feature that serves as proof of travel in progress: the Travel Status (U-Status).

Uber driver
Uber driver (image: Paul Hanaoka/Unsplash)

It’s not just during a blitz. There are several situations in which the driver must prove that he is traveling. It is often necessary to pick up or drop off passengers inside residential condominiums, universities, mall parking lots, airport departure and arrival areas, industrial complexes, among others.

As trips via Uber are carried out using private cars, it is common for the driver to have difficulty proving to a security guard that he is transporting or picking up a passenger. To do this, showing the Uber app in use is often the best way out, but this procedure is not always convincing.

Travel Status (image: publicity/Uber)
Travel Status (image: publicity/Uber)

The Travel Status (U-Status)

U-Status facilitates this identification by showing, in an easy-to-understand interface, when the driver is on a trip or with his account inactive at that moment.

In addition to indicating when a passenger trip is in progress, the new function is able to inform if the driver is making a delivery via Uber Flash. In addition, the feature highlights that the driver does not know what is inside the transported package, which can be useful during police approaches.

For authorities, Travel Status can also be interesting. If, during an approach, the driver argues that he is taking an Uber trip, the police can ask him to show the U-Status to prove that the trip took place.

Travel Status (image: publicity/Uber)
Travel Status (image: publicity/Uber)

In summary, the feature displays the following details, according to Uber itself:

  • the summary information of the trip or delivery in progress;
  • partner’s photo and vehicle license plate;
  • additional channels for law enforcement authorities if they need to request data from Uber.

“The idea is that, through technology, we will be able to provide more and more confidence and tranquility to drivers and delivery people”, says Leandro Segalla, Uber’s relationship manager with police authorities.

The new functionality is already being released in apps for Uber partners in Brazil. In the app, just look for the security features button and, at the end of the next screen, open the Trip Status option.

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