Universal may be negotiating Cleopatra movie with Gal Gadot

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Apparently the Universal went out in front of paramount and will produce the new film by Cleopatrastarring Gal Gadot. The Wonder Woman star would already be cast in the production, which after controversy had its rights sold to the producer of NBC Universal and Blackstone Group.

The film brings back Gadot in a big role in the production directed by Kari Skogland, known for his work on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021). Furthermore, Laeta Kalogridiswho worked with Robert Rodriguez on Alita: Battle Angel” (2019), will handle the scripts.

Gal Gadot new movie Cleopatra Universal
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Choice of actress created great controversy

the choice of Gal Gadot for the role created controversy when it was announced, since the actress is considered to be of a different ethnicity from the famous queen of Egypt. Several fans echoed the choice, saying that they preferred an actress who had an appearance closer to the inhabitants of the Asian country.

However, the production confirmed the actress in the role, and apparently she should continue even after the change of producer.

Paramount leaves the project after problems with the creation schedule and Universal takes over

Previously announced as a Paramount project, the producers of Cleopatra demanded that a creative timeline for the film be met. However, the company founded by Adolph Zukor would not be able to produce the film within the stipulated time.

Due to this, Universal would have entered the project, already taking over the production led by Charles Roven and Gadot. The new feature can be considered a retelling of Cleopatra from 1963, directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton as protagonists.

Watch the trailer for Death on the Nile, another one of Gal Gadot’s biggest hits in theaters

Despite all the news, the new film about the life of Cleopatra There is no official release date. According to rumours, the Universal will begin filming the feature in the second half of the year.

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